Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Homedics Tanda Zap! a handbag essential!

Hi ladies well i have a special blog post today, which i think your all going to love! now let me start by asking you a question. How many of you suffer with sudden breakouts of problem spots/blemishes? If your like me then i do from time to time and it always seems to be just when you least expect it or DONT want it to happen! that problem spot! now im quite lucky as i dont get them all the time but when i get them they seem to linger for days sometimes weeks! now i was contacted by the lovely Katie at Pegasus to see if i would like to test and trial the Homedics Tanda Zap. a clinically proven gadget to fade ache an blemishes within 24hours Now i can hear you all saying "yeah i wonder if something like this actually works" but ladies i am very pleased to announce this little compact device really DOES help fade and clear up blemishes.

when i opened my little Tanda Zap  i was really surprised by how compact and neat it was, it also came with batteries nd lets face it most gadgets now a days you have to  buy your own, so this was a really pleasant  surprise meaning i could get right down to using it once opened and read up about.

as you can see it compact and perfect to pop in your handbag if your out and about and on the go. the device combines powerful blue light technology used by dermatologists with sonic vibrations and gentle warming to give proven clearing results. once the batteries have been inserted you press the orange button show above once held up to the problem area. the device will the vibrate and start killing bacteria with the blue light technology. this clear little device also has a timer so you hold the tanda zap on the problem area and it will automatically shut down after its elected 2 minute recommended time. the recommended usage is 2-3 times daily. its comfortable to use, it light weight and easy to carry out the process. 

i was very surprised to find that after 3 uses over a day period the blemish that had been bothering me had lost that red pressure feeling an looked visibly smaller. now i was that surprised that i had to try it again on another blemish i had the day after as i wasnt sure if maybe it had just cleared up on it own????
i used again the same way the day after and had exactly the same effects. so while this doesnt make your problem blemishes dissapear and might i add it doesnt claim too, it certainly makes them  visibly better and also feeling better. the only way i can describe it is that it drys them up at turbo speed.

im so happy that i got the opportunity to try the Tanda Zap, and  hope in the future i get the opportunity to test another product they have on the market. the Tanda clear.

the tanda zap is available in selected larger boots stores for £59.99 it has 1000 treatments and the recommended battery life is 40-50 treatments to gain best results.

so to clarify, this little handbag gadget is amazing, i am very pleased with the results and how it mad me feel after i saw the results. i know that problem spot or blemish can ruin your day, believe me it has mine plenty of time but now i have the Tanda zap my blemishes will be zapped away. i love its size and style, i love the ease of use and i love the results it achieves. this will for sure be a repurchase for me in the future as i believe it is worth every penny. and at such a reasonable price for the use it has in it i think this is going to be a popular little product. well done Homedics finally a product to help every person with those irritating little problem areas of skin. 

see you soon ladies any questions leave a commment below and ill answer them as soon as i can. 
take care xxx

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