Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Loreal Glam Bronzer Wild Instinct

Hey ladies, well my lovely mum today bought me this amazing bronzer from Loreal today. Ive seen this a few times and admired the beautiful bronzy tones and warm copper colours, so my mum treated me to this lovely little product. its actually a really nice size at 75g and the packaging is eye catching and sturdy.

the lid has a copper coloured surround with a clear window so you can see the lovely product, to me this is a big thumbs up as i do like eye catching products but of course they need to actually serve a good purpose too. Now the shades they come in are medium and dark so i did go for the medium as the dark was quite dark and would have been far to heavy for my skin tone. Now ladies do you like a shimmer as this product has plenty, so i will warn you if your not into a shimmery product id stay clear and this does pack a shimmer effect which in sunlight is quite visable. to me for a sunny day shimmer is a big yes for me i love it. 

the medium has this lovely stripe print within and it actually goes quite deep again another eye pleasing quality. and the top layer has a copper glitter on it which is VERY sprakly, this does wear away as you can see in the middle of the left picture so its not as harsh below. You dont need to be heavy handed with this bronze as it does contain alot of pigment which is nice. its a warm tone and very golden. i also like that it is a complete compact so does come with a mirror on the underneath and a brush which is actually a fair size. i do like my big brushes so wont be using the provided brush but its handy to have in there if on the the go to touch up. 

all in all im very pleased with my Loreal wild instinct bronzer, its pretty gives good colour coverage and effects and easy to use. the price i feel is a little high. at £9.99 but there is an offer on at the moment for buy one Loreal product and get second half price so you can save some money here. i would probably put this at the £6.99-£7.99 mark but hey thats just my opinion. so ladies let me know if you have tried this product and what you think. i am going to do a make up of the day blog including this so you can see the results.

see you soon ladies x


  1. Just to let you know, I've tagged you in a blog post!

    Liebster Award @ The Glambulance

    Hope you can check it out!



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