Thursday, 5 April 2012

M.A.C wonder woman lipsticks!

M.A.C wonder woman lipsticks.

well i recently bought a M.A.C wonder woman lipstick, i have to say as i dont own any other M.A.C lipsticks i was very happy when this arrived. it is soft, shimmery, so lovely on and feels very nice. the only thing i did notice is that they seem to have a very definite smell!.
the packaging is amazing bright, fun and will look lovely in my collection so i was really happy with this.
the shade i chose was film noir. a really pretty neutral beige colour. i have been looking for a colour like this for a while but all the other brands i have tried seem to be either too fair for my skin tone or to dark looking more brown once on.
the colour on the swatch on my hand looks alot fairer, but once on has this lovely copper/bronzy tone. i love love love it. would highly recommend this lipsticks and i am now going to start looking for some more shades to add to my collection, please let me know of any lovely shade and other M.A.C products you recommend.

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