Monday, 30 April 2012

Maxfactor Lasting Perfection Foundation.

so recently ive been looking for a new foundation. i really want to try some of the bourjois ones so will be doing that soon, but my mum had this amazing recommendation for me.

she uses this everyday and speaks so highly of it and she suggested when i next came to see her next i try it one and see what i think. so i did just that, this foundation is a compact in which i dont usually go for, the packaging is lovely and reminds me of a over sized maybelline eye tattoo glass jar. 
it is round glass shallow jar, with a plastic lid which has a flip up container on top to keep the provided sponge. the sponge is really little for me a little to little to use to apply foundation so i will use my brush but none the less its ok.
as i am the same skin tone and colour as my mum trying this first was perfect, the colour she has is warm almond 45 and i have to say i actually dont think i own a foundation which has this great of colour match for me. this is a massive PLUS for me!

once id tried the foundation i loved the effect it gave, was very creamy and you really dont need alot to cover you face evenly. it seems very heavy once on the brush but once worked onto the face its is so smooth and has a powdery feeling which is lovely. its very easy to apply and an lovely foundation.
im so happy i tried this and plus my lovely mum who had purchased this on 3 for 2 at boots last month gave me one as a gift :) so little bonus there for me too bless her.
i would highly recommend this foundation for someone with normal/dry skin as its very moisturising.
all around a great product and i will be repurchasing in the future.

ill be back soon ladies, let me know of any other foundations that you recommend please im always on the hunt for more to try x


  1. Hi Nat, Mum told me to try the exact one... and i have the exact same shade as you too. I'm struggling to get along with it. I prefer a liquid foundation. It blend's very well though so i have noticed.. much better than my last foundation!

    I invested in some sponges to apply my foundation as i found the sponge in this one very small too. Good for on the go though. :)

  2. Both my friends bought this a few months ago when we were out shopping and they did say they liked it but the only downside was that it didn't last,about a month I think was all, maybe less and it isn't the cheapest so that's why they wouldn't re-purchase.It did look lovely and natural on though :)


    1. yeah hun totally understand all you have said, ive had mine about 4 days now and im using a brush not the sponge to apply, im unsure of how long this is going to last too, seems ok at the moment and i think ill get a little longer out of it with the brush than the sponge but i only think if i use daily its going to last me 5 weeks tops! and at £12.99 thats pretty pricy! i do LOVE the foundation so much and the colour match if proabably the best ive found! so im gonna go with it and see how i get on lol thanks hun for your comment x

    2. The sponge defiantly does soak up a lot more so a brush would be best for using with compact foundations,that's probably where they were going wrong :) Everytime I go into Boots I'm always around it and having a look so I might end up buying it myself yet ha,it feels so smooth and creamy and the palest shade would be such a match for my nearly white skin lol so thumbs up for that not a lot of brands have foundations that suit me there nearly all orange,hate that :)



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