Sunday, 13 May 2012

MUA blusher!

MUA blushers ladies! really good everyday casual little blusher, again at the price of £1 great value for money, and if your looking for a more subtle look grab one of these.

small rectangle plastic case same as all other mua products, simple classic design nothing fancy about it at all.
i dont mind this at all considering the small price tag on this range.

i choose shade 1 its a pretty light pink and has soft pigmentation but can be built up really easily depending on what effect you are after. i think MUA offer about 6 shade please dont quote me on this but i know they have a nice colour selection in the £1 blushers. 

soft pink colour this is only one swoop of colour can be built alot stronger that this x
but its a really soft subtle colour like i said, really pretty in the nice sunshine ( i hope we get soon) 

bubbye ladies x


  1. shade 5 is my fave, its a gorgeous peach, it rivals my Coralista

    1. been looking for shade 5 for a while laura! seems to always be out of stock, def gonna get it when i find it! great little blushers for everyday! x and after your recommendation about it rivaling your coralista im def gonna try it out x

  2. I need shade 2 and 3 and then I have them all,hopefully they'll come back in stock soon :) For £1 there very good quality and it's amazing how pigmented they are in just one swipe :)


  3. eeek i want shade 5 lol, but i do love all the colours, i mean its not going to break the bank to have them all and i think they are amazing blushers for £1!!! im sure i will end up with them all, ive had to write a little list of the mua things ive got shadows and lipsticks and keep in my purse so i dont make sure i buy the same ones lol xxx i might do a total MUA COLLECTION blog what do you think hun? x


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