Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Acrylic Nails D.I.Y kit!

Evening ladies, well as you'll know if you read my last blog, i purchased a D.I.Y acrylic nail set today.

i have NEVER done acrylic nails myself before but as a frequent visitor to the nail bar i thought this time i would give it a go myself. so here goes ladies. the kit was by nailene and included everything you needed. it has both china white tips and clear tips 20 of each. i  wanted just the clear tips today as i wanted to do witch hat tips, if you dont know what im going on about you will soon see in my next few pictures.

first of all i selected the correct size tips for each finger and laid them all out ready to use. i then started glueing each tip on one at a time, one hand at a time like the picture below.
after applying the tip i used a rough file to blend the line where the tip has been attached and shaped the actual nail tip, as these nail tip started square! see where the witch hat come in now???
next comes the first layer of acrylic, using the acrylic liquid which i had already put in a little pot, i dipped the brush provided in the liquid then into the acrylic powder forming a small ball on the end of the brush.
i then put this on the nail by the cuticle smoothing the ball down insuring to cover the entire nail, to achieve a smoother finish i re dip the brush in the acrylic liquid and wipe over the entire nail
after this has dried which take about 2-3 mins i re applied a second coat of acrylic.
once entirely dry i start the filing. file all over the nail to create a smooth finish, file around the edges to get rid of any excess acrylic and to ensure the shape is how you want it.
after all smooth, i buff the entire nail and coated in solar oil to make the cuticles soft.
i then decided what colour i was going for and i went for a rimmel 60 seconds polish in the shade coralicous. bright fun and excting just what i wanted.
i have NEVER done these before so they are far from perfect but for a first attempt i thing they are quite good, was a nice little treat to do also this evening infront of the tv.
the finished product above very happy, if you have got a spare hour/hour and a half and would like a little self pamper have a go with these, i had great fun doing them and will def use again.let me know if you have used or planning to use nailene acrylic sculpture kit.


  1. Great post; love the tips. Very fierce!

  2. thank you hun, i love the witch hat look bit different x


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