Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cream Puff Collection 2000

Cream Puff by collection 2000, moistursing lip cream. i first saw these on lauralovesbeauty channel on you tube. i loved the colour and how it looked so i know i really wanted to try one.
i cant remember what shade she had it may even be the same one as i picked up. i got this in the shade fairy cake 3. its a lovely subtle pink.

it has the most amazing smell like a cupcake and i love this. it is a matt lip stick so if you dont like the matte effect this probably isnt for you. but i do like the matte look but dont really come across to many matte lip products that actually stay and work. now it doesnt have AMAZING stay power, mine seems to last really well for about 3-4 hours but after that it seems to come off in bits leaving a patchy effect. also if your lips are dry i wouldnt recommend using this product. i did moisturise my lips before i used it and this seemed to keep it on a little longer. maybe a lip primer would be good before use of this product. 

overall this is a really nice little product and another factor is that at around £2.99 its a great little buy. i think there were around 6 ish colours if anyone has tried any others id loved to know, also how did you get on with it??? thanks ladies please leave your comments below. bubbye for now ladies see you soon.


  1. i love the smell of these i have wanted one for ages but just carnt choose which shade it is i want lol


    1. i love the smell to hun, this colour is really pretty and will be great for the summer i think hun i would def recommend this colour xxxx

  2. These are very similar to the W7 Megga Matte Lips (Will be reviewing them this weekend) I find though with the darker colours such as pinks they stain my lips and do last most of the day but very hard to get off,haven't tried the Collection 2000 ones yet though so might give them a go and see what the differences are,the W7 ones are cheaper anyway :)



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