Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Shopping Haul AWESOME DAY! :)

Hi ladies, well ive been awaiting to go on a nice shopping trip due to me having a clothes clear out and actually realising 90% of my clothes belonged in the bin! im sure i must have been looking like a right tramp recently lol. im not one to buy lots of clothes but this month enough was enough so a grabbed a few little bits. i plan to do a little bit more raiding next month to try build up some summer bits but obviously i dont have endless money so will have to wait until next payday for some more items.
so lets get started here is what i bought, 

first of all we shall start in primark OF COURSE! lol, i firstly picked up 3 t-shirts with round necks, not to keen on the v-neck as i have a chest looks a bit cleavgey for everyday casual look. these were £3 pound each  great bargain have always bought these in the past so cant go wrong.

next was this AMAZING pink vest top with built in bra thing and detachable straps so can be worn as a boob tube or vest, love these and love the colour range they had, thought this would really lovely under black cardy and black skinny jeans :) this was £5

next were two pairs of jeans, on the left is a pair of strech bootleg jeans in indigo blue, these were £10 and on the right are the boyfriend cut jeans which i love also in indigo blue with a little tan belt these were £15.

next are the lovely cotten pj set ideal for mooching around in the evening, they have so many colours ect was hard to pick so i went for the salmon pink bottoms and a cream vest, the bottoms were £6 and the top was £3.

next are three pairs on shoes, from left to right, first are some cream snake print ballet shoes with little gold bow, these were £6, in the middle some tan plain ballet shoes £5 and them some £1 black flip flops that i just wear round the house in the day.

next i had to have these cupcake t-towels to match my cupcake kitchen lol, these were great at 2 for £3 :)

these really pretty earring i had to have in both colours lol, pink and just clear sparkles, £2 a pair.

a pair of £2 sunnys which is great for me as i have a habbit of loosing glasses so at £2 a pair i wont cry if i loose them lol.

and this pretty necklace at £2 which matches some little pink floral earrings i got a couple of weeks ago lovely for the summer.

i also bought hubby some cropped light weight jeans, 2 t-shirts some boxers and socks and 3 pairs of flipflops, plus i also bought myself some bra and knicker sets and some french knickers, but i thought you didnt need to see them lol.


I had a field day in dorothy perkins, all there jewellery in the sale was like £2-£3 an items and even more amazing it was buy one get one free, so i was on a roll lol, i got these amazing 6 necklaces but only paid for 3 and they were £2 each.

i also got these really pretty bracelets again £2 each and buy one get one free so £2 for both! was so pleased lol. x


i got these lovely little hair grips from accessoize for lilly four little butterflies which were £4 and four little wooden heart grips which were £3.50.


i got my go blonder in full size because i love this so much and it was on offer in boots on two for £7.50. usually it is £5.99 a tube so this was a great saving. i also got the soap and glory fab pore hot cloth cleanser. was really excited about trying this as seen so many reviews but has been so hard to find as always out of stock this is £10.


i grabbed three lipsticks today, ive not tried the NYC ones before so excited to try and loved the nude colours. i also picked up a MUA lipstick in which ive been waiting to come back into stock and they finally had it, i will review these individually.

and finally i got these lovely bronzy MUA shadow at £1 each.

so here is my shopping trip today, i dindt picture robs clothes i bought and the underwear lol
but got some great goodies, next month im looking for some more summery floaty tops but today i just didnt feel the weather warrents summer clothes and the weather report seems to be no better for the next few weeks. ill be reviewing some of the items in more detail in future blogs 
bubbye for now ladies x


  1. That last MUA Eyeshadow you have there I bought that the weekend,I think it's the same shade anyway cannot wait to use it :)


    1. i know i love it hun its so pretty isnt it :) love coppery colours xxxx let me know when you have used it love to know how you get on xxx

  2. You got quite a few bits ;) Looking forward to reading your reviews xoxo


    1. thanks hun, ps love the new review on the 17 mascara xx

  3. bet you enjoyed that day out LOL great finds x

    1. yeah was good fun hun, think my best buys were my dorothy perkins bits they were amazing bargains like things like that :) x


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