Friday, 29 June 2012

HELP st.tropez application!

HELP PLEASE...............  ok so ladies i am a total fake tan virgin, i think i maybe used it one or twice as a teenager but this was years ago may i add lol, im very scared to use it too and turn totally orange. so i need some help please. 

ways to apply????
things to do???
things not to do???

eeek a little worried may i day again so please any one that is a fake tan expert from start to finish please could you send me some helpful tips below i would really appreciate it lol.

im still doing my 5 day dove tinted moisturser at the moment so im planning on doing the st.tropez maybe next week if i know how. the dove is fab and a light colour is forming and i really like it. but the colour isnt anything major and i dont think anyone else but myself would notcie. so im ready to kick it up a notch.

help please needed anything at all will help me lol.

see you soon ladies. xxx

Cherry Carmex Lip Balm

Hey ladies, ive been after one f these for a while now, but only ever seem to be able to fine the original one. so when i saw this today in superdrug i had to have it. ive heard so many great reviews on this product and i was really looking forward to trying it. As i had a superdrug voucher to spend i had to take advantage of this opportunity so got this along with some other goodies today.

so this lovely little lip balm is by carmex and they have a really nice range of items.this is the perfect size to pop in your handbag and feels amazing once applied. when you apply this is makes your lips tingle and they feel like that for a while, its a really nice feeling actually. it has a scent of cherry but not to heavy. its VERY moisturising and really feels like its doing your lips some good. it stays on your lips for a really good amount of time, continuing to do the job its meant to do. i find with lip blams you have to apply every hour usually as its worn off. its also recommends you apply before lipstick to lock in moisture to your lips while using products on top. which is also a bonus. i love this little lip balm and know ive already become a fan. this will live happily in my hand bag and get plenty of use im sure.

do you use carmex, let me know what you think love to hear your comments.

see you soon ladies xxxxx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

June Glossy Box Review

Hey ladies, well im sorry this review is late but we had a little bit of a boo boo with my glossy box this month! i received my glossy box just under a couple of weeks ago and as usual was really excited to receive it. when i opened it, it was completely empty opps! you can imagine my face cant you lol. but glossy box were brilliant, i gave them a quick call spoke directly to a lovely lady at glossy box and she arranged a replacement to be sent out to me straight away 3 days later it was here, so a massive thumbs up to the glossy 
box team. so ive had time to sample my goodies and here is my review a little late but still here.

i was quite excited when i opened this box, and was VERY pleased not to see a bubble bath or mosituriser.

first of all i grabbed the big white bottle, was intrigued to see what it was, well this is a paul mitchell The Conditioner, its a leave in conditioner to add extra moisture to your hair. this says it helps balance moisture and prevents dryness and improves texture. now ive used this twice i while i thought it was going to leave my hair greasy looking from the feel of it, i was very surprised, you dont need alot and i have to admit it gives my hair some extra life and bounce and leaves it feeling very soft and floaty.this is a 100ml sample which is a really nice size and this sample is going to last a while, at full size 300ml it retails at £12.25 which i think is a reasonable price and i would highly consider repurchasing if it carries on making my hair feel this good.

the next item was a pair of HD tweezers obviously these are full size and they are quite sharp, which im guessing is why they offer high levels of precision. they are a must for every girls handbag so it says. but at £19.95 im sorry but you wouldnt catch me spending £20 on tweezers, i think my everyday ones that work just fine cost me £1 at asda lol, i think these are priced a little high but are nice to use and a lovely product to receive in this months box so well done glossy for something a little different.

the next item i got was this little bronzer by BM BEAUTY, this is the most warm pretty colour and will be lovely for a summer evening if you were going out. it has a slight shimmer and i really have enjoyed trying this, at £8 full size its a great price and well worth every penny, the only thing i would of liked to have seen is maybe the sample pot be wider and shallow, as i couldnt get a brush in and had to put some in a different lid and use that way and i think that was wasteful, im sure the full size is brush friendly though. 

i then recieved a glossy box brush i would say this was a good size blusher brush and it does feel very soft. its made from goats hair and says that this give a suspersoft make up application. it did feel soft and its comfortable to use but i did find its loosing bristles already and as they retail at £15 each i wouldnt be to happy to spend this amount of money on something thats shedding so early on in use.

now THIS i was really excited to try, ive seen this advertised along my travels somewhere and always wanted to see if it was a good as it claimed. this is the starter kit from VICHY ultra corrective foundation creams stick. obviously this is a stick form but it comes in little blister packs with different shades which is nice. this is a expert camouflage foundation to hide scars, blemishes ect that are harder to cover, and that it does. this product is amazing. i would highly recommend this. i have a scar on my cheek which i put to the test. my scar is only little but you can see it but luckily it doesnt bother me. for someone who has a scar or blemish that makes them uncomfortable this product is perfect, now at full size the foundation stick is 12g so a nice size and does retail at £19 but would last a good amount of time i think as you dont need to use to much. this is a great product and it would also be something i would use if i was going somewhere special that needed a heavier make up look.

all round this months box has been great i like the different type of products and im very happy with this months box. check out glossy box ladies if you havent already its my little monthly treat which i love to receive. with the added fun in that you dont know what samples your going to get.

Naked or Naked 2 or BOTH?

SO LADIES... this is the burning question in so many peoples minds im sure, i have the NAKED palette but when the choice came between the two it did take me a while to choose, i have had my NAKED palette quite a while now and i do have to say i love it, it is my fav set of shadows without a doubt. 

BUT.......... do yo need both??? are the too similar??? would you benefit from having both???
these questions i can never quite seem to answer!
so i put it down to you, what do you think? would it be worth while? would you like to have both? they way i see it is, the NAKED palette is more subtle, maybe more day tones, with a few that can be used as evening tones, and the NAKED 2 is more a dressy palette with a few you could use a day tones. so again im stuck a dilema i know im not the only one who struggles with.
its not like i wouldnt get the use out of them because i am always using the first palette.
i would LOVE TO HEAR your view on this ladies maybe it will make my mind a little clearer on it all.
leave me a comment below i cant wait. thanks ladies
see you soon xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Individual Feather Hair Extension

hey ladies well i got something a little different for you this evening, 
i recently saw these individual hair extensions that were fun and exciting :)
now ive had every type of colour and style hair extention going in my life time lol.
but THESE are new to me, THEY HAVE FEATHERS AND EVERYTHING IN THEM! (can you hear the excitement lol) 
these lovely little individual extensions are ment to add a special little something to a normal hair doo.

as you can see they are made up of different width and size feather there is even a sneaky little one in there with a little leopard print just for me lol. the have a micro loop connection and as you can see above they come with 5 micro loops, so can be re used 5 times, and probably more. ive had block mircroloops in the past and they stay in for up to 2 weeks at a time and can be washed and styled. 
the company i got my one from is called " a head of hair" and they have an amazing website please go check it out at the link below.

they have all sorts of hair extensions and much more, the delivery on their products is so speedy and i was so pleased when i received this extention. i cannot wait to try more and will def be ordering some more in the future, prices range depending on style and length, but the prices are so reasonable and i would highly recommend.

i will be adding this to my hair in the next couple of days so i will keep you posted and show you the results.
as the colours are neutral i can wear this on a daily basis and not feel over dressed. they do have dressy ones as i would put it for occasions and they are just as amazing. please i cannot stress enough how much you need to take a look at their website.
its soft and light and you will not know it is in the hair once applied, it can also be trimmed to suit your hair length so it gives a more natural look to me this shows quality and i couldnt ask for more. so ladies what do you think? fancy zooohing up your hair then give these a go!
see you soon ladies, as per usual questions or comments below x

Collection 2000 Blush

Afternoon ladies, how are we all, well since the sun has been trying its hardest to pop out i thought i would show you these lovely little blushers that are perfect if you have a nice colour to your skin at the moment. im not as pale as i usually am as the nice weather we had a while ago gave me a blast of colour and somehow its still there, not that im complaining of course. well i LOVE the little collection 2000 blushes. as ontop of a warm skin tone they look so pretty.

the colours i have are 3 breathless (left) and 1 so pretty (right). i really am enjoying these blushes as they are soft and sheer and are perfect for a day when you dont want heavy make up but just a flush of colour.

they are easy to apply and wear really nicely. the stay power is ok at about 6 hours which for me if perfect for day wear. i can also imagine these would be amazing for on holiday in the evenings really pretty on a glowing tan. the other thing i like about the right picture so pretty is it can be used as a really pretty highlighter. its a soft warm cream colour with a hint of shimmer which would look lovely.
the breathless blush is so lovely with small flex of gold within and id say it was more on the peachy side than pink which im loving at the moment also. all round great little blushers.
the packaging is ok, clear all the way but sturdy and simple and for the cost who can complain. you can pick these up at your local superdrug or boots for only £2.99 bargain.

let me know if you have any of this collection 2000 blush range if i remember rightly there are about 5 shades. tell me what you think ladies 

see you soon xxxx

MUA Wimbledon Eye Look!

hey ladies so today ive had a lovely read of the MUA facebook website looking at all there lovely new exciting products coming out on the 4th of july, they have been revealing them all week and will carry on doing so i believe. yay :)

i saw that one of the lovely MUA ladies did this amazing dramatic wimbledon theme eye shadow look and while that a little adventurous for me to nip to the shops to purchase milk, i loved the colours used so wanted to have a go at something along the same colour scheme.

everything but one item in on my created look is from MUA today so this is a little MUA day look for me.

so what ive used to create this look, was eye primer, concealer stick, pressed powder, pearl shadow shade 1, pearl shadow shade 29, glamour days palette and liquid felt liner in black. ( i then used a different brand mascara as i dont own a MUA one! YET that is)
i built up the colour on the eye using the shade 1 lightest one under the brow and all over the lid, i then used the shade 29 slightly lower under the brow down into the crease, i then used the dark matt brown from my glamour palette to fill in the crease and add some depth. i then added the aqua blue/green to each outter corner of my lid to create a pop of colour. i used the felt liner on the top lid and used the shade 29 just under the water line as a liner. then topped with mascara and i love this look.

so thank you MUA please check out there facebook page for all the exciting new products coming soon ladies its well worth a look.

see you soon xxxx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Schwarzkopf Oil Nutritive Shampoo & Conditioner

afternoon ladies, well now i dont know if your like me, but i always have a back up shampoo and conditioner stashed away somewhere and for me its the Schwarzkopf oil range. Do you ever get left with no conditioner and think noooo half way through washing your hair??? well i do it all the time lol. so these little bad boys are in the draw ready for an emergency. 

i have to say though these are lovely products and when my hair is feeling weak or just has no life in it i use this oil based shampoo and conditioner. it for repairing hair so is just what mine needs after ive coloured, stripped and basically killed it. its just about getting back to normal.

this really makes my hair feel lively and soft, and gives it a lovely sheen making it look really healthy.
it lathes up nicely and smells nice to and the other aspect i love about this product is having curly hair it tends to knot easily after using this product its not knotty and a brush or comb glides through it.

so over all this is a lovely shampoo and conditioner. what makes it even better is i can purchase this in my local 99p store so its a great bargain too. i know you can purchase these in boots and superdug also but im not sure on the price ladies. if you have a 99p store get yourself down there its well worth a try.

let me know if you have tried this guys and leave a comment below on what you thought.
see you soon xxx

Monday, 25 June 2012

Dove Summer Glow

Evening ladies, well as were not getting any summer this year apparently its time to try and make my own sun kissed look. ive seen so many of these self tanning moisturising lotions but ive always wondered if they actually work! now i havent brought this one for any reason in particular but apart from the fact one of the lovely ladies in superdrug recommended it and it was offer at £2.53!!! that is the only valid reasons! 

so as of tomorrow im going to use for 5 days and i am going to take pictures everyday and then i will post a blog update in 5 days time to see if i have in fact gone a lovely subtle bronze OR have TANGOED myself! lol so wish me luck ladies and i will keep you posted.

see you soon xxx

17 Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks

hey ladies, well i wanted to talk about these very pretty looking, eye pleasing bronzing rocks! they are from the instant glow range from boots. Now they come in this lovely sturdy, black plastic lid clear plastic bottom. 
with the name and description in gold on the top of the screw top lid. on the base is more info.

they look like a expensive ish product, they looks really lovely.

the rocks are mixed colours, you have this lovely bronzy warm goldy colour and this pastel shimmery pink. mixed together they look beautiful and you would think they would create a really pretty colour wash on the face or body, however you decided to wear. Now ive had mine quite a while now but this week have been putting them to the test. i have got a bit of a problem with this item and im so gutted to have to review it this way. im already heavy handed when using blusher and have to be careful, but as these were slightly light my i felt i could use my heavy hand to my hearts content lol. well!!! these actually dont hold very much pigment at all. to the point where i had got to applying 3 layers and still i couldnt see a result. Now this may just be me but when i see bronzer on a product i think pigment, warm bronze tones! giving you a sun blushed look.
this is very pale and can hardly be seen. the only time i saw a glimse of colour was stood in the sunshine which was out for a whole 5 mins! so im afraid to say i was a little dissapointed by this product from 17.

i did wonder if i crushed some of the rocks to form a powder maybe this would work, but i did end up with the same results. let me know ladies if you have the 17 instant glow bronzing rocks and what you think about them??? id love to hear your comments below.

see you soon ladies xxx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

New Nail Art Brushes :)

so i just wanted to show you ladies my new nail art brushes, not i had totally forgot these were coming, lol considering i has a confirmation email about 4 weeks ago, but they are from hong kong so have taken a while to send to the uk. now im not a nail tech or anything but i do enjoy doing my own nails and creating different looks so these are going to be massive help, i have every style brush now to create pretty much ever look.

so watch this space ladies some creativity coming up! lol if you want to know where to get these brushes just type in ebay and search nail brushes there are hundreds of companies who sell them and at silly cheap prices, i think this set was somewhere around £3 and had free shipping from Hong Kong!.

see you soon ladies x

GARNIER 14 day ultra lift trial, have you got yours?

hey ladies, well i was wondering if you are going to take part in the Garnier 14 day challenge.

this is entirely free and you can apply for your pack over the internet at this is link below.

 14,700 woman have seen results after using the ultra lift cream can you???
how to put ultralift to the test in 4 easy steps-
1) in front of a mirror, place the garnier ultra lift cream reader under your corws feet, match to the closest image on the reader and note it down.
2) apply ultra lift daily on your face and crows feet, in place of your usual anti wrinkle cream.
3)after using the last sachet, reapeat step one and discover your result.
4) tell garnier your results

the whole little set comes with 14 individual samples, a wrinkle reader and a voucher for re purchase at a later date. its a lovely little sample kit so ladies grab yours while there still available

let me know how you get on if you have done the Garnier ultra lift challenge. 
see you soon ladies x


Friday, 22 June 2012

17 Wild Curls Mascara!

Me again ladies, so now this is a big SURPRISE for me, i in the past have had many 17 mascaras and in all honesty i havent ever found one that i thought did a good job or even an ok job. they have all be pretty "meh" to me. UNTIL NOW..... i only got this mascara as if any of you saw my boots advantage points blog you would know that one of my vouchers i got this quarter was i got this 17 wild curls mascara for £1 with this voucher instead of £6.79. BARGAIN! so it thought it was rude not to use this voucher up but im so glad i did. this little mascara if fab! the brush is small but picks up the right amount of mascara to apply each coat, its separates the lashes perfectly and does give a really curly effect, im really liking this mascara at the moment and im very pleased i had the offer.  i got the shade black and i think it came in brown too. im not 100% sure, because i wasnt looking for any other colour. but after i have used this mascara up i would be happy to repurchase even at £6.79 i think its worth it.

17 Pressed Powder

hey ladies, well i wanted to do a blog on my pressed powder because quite frankly this has to be the best pressed powder i have come across to date! its the number 17 pressed powder from boots. and as well as being a great product its comes at an amazing price too. as you can see this is well used so i am sorry for the tatty looking compact lol but i use this alot. its soft, and sheer and easy to apply, doesnt feel tight once applied on top of your foundation and keeps your face products in place all day long. i have tried others and really keep coming back to this one as nothing has come close to the effects it achieves. the shade i have is nicely natural, i do like translucent but they dont always do what they say, i feel translucent powders do have a slight colour to them and usually its way to pale for my skin tone. now this has a slight colour and suits me perfectly. so ladies if your looking for a great value powder which does an amazing  job then this has to be the one. 

no. 17 pressed powder in nicely nautral £3.99
link below

see you soon ladies x

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