Thursday, 31 May 2012

OK SO i got a little Magazine crazy!

OK ladies so ive gone a little crazy with the magazines this month as they all come with make up products lol, the ones i got are...........

marie claire which came with a free paint pot by CIATE. i got the shade bon bon which is a light matt lilac colour. this is worth £9. i also got with marie claire.......

a sample of the shampoo and conditoner from loreal hair expertise in the ever pure range which is the new sulphate free products, and a sample of the mens l'homme aftershave by YSL.

Next is the easy living magazine with a free rituals organic white lotus flower and yi yi ren rich nourishing body cream. worth £5 this is a REALLY good size may even be full size.

next is the red magazine in which i got a free Gemma Kidd i-glamourous mascara in black worth £16.
i havent heard about this brand before but am looking forward to trying it, it looks lovely. withing the magazine also came a sample of the l'eau d'issey florale by issey miyake.

next i got the in style magazine which has a free body shop big and curvy mascara worth £10 this is a full sized product which is really nice. the brush is tiny but i think will be great for bottom lashes.

next i got one glamour magazine with a free benefit bad gal lashes yay very excited this is a half sized product so a really great size. i also got a pantene pro v normal to thich hair shampoo sample.

and lastly i got another glamour magazine with a benefit pore fessional i have this in full size and love it but always handy to have a travel size too!!! lol this again came with a free pantene shampoo.

so ladies lol you will probably think im made but for around £16-£18 worth of magazines ive got ALOT of lovely products which would cost SOOOOOOOO much more to purchase, there are a few more i want to get my hands on so watch this space.
see you soon ladies :) x

LUSH is lush!

So we took a trip into our local LUSH store today because hubby wanted his favourite bath both " The Comforter" its the big pink/purple and white swirly bar which smells like cherries! YUM! so we got him one of those as he has a bad back at the moment and is nice to have a good old soak and "comforts" him lol!. (or lets hope).

 while i was in there they have a new perfume range on offer at the moment, which comes in a bottle liquid formation and roll on stick and a balm form too, each scent comes in all three ways which is really nice, they have some lovely scents available and its really worth a look.

one of the ladies was in there promoting face masks and asked if i would like a free sample, they were really lovely and even went into what type of skin i had as in dry, combination ect and explained about what would be best for my skin type they showed you how to use it and gave you all the information on what to do before and after to achieve the best results. then gave me a lovely little sample enough for 2-3 applications. the sample i got was a BB SEAWEED mask, it smells fresh and clean like a sea breeze, it has dried seaweed in to exfoliate the face when applying. so im really excited to try this, although my husband also has his eye on it too so i will have to make sure i get there first before he does! lol.

so if you like LUSH get down there they have some fab offers on at the moment and some lovely new products to try.

see you soon ladies x

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Noble Isle Bath & Shower Gel

Hey ladies, well i just wanted to talk about this lovely little product i received in this months glossy box, i feel it needs a blog of its own as it is right up my street and im really enjoying it.

this has to be one of my favorite products so far that i have got in my glossy box.

i love my bubble baths and am always finding lovely bath products but i have to say that this is my favorite of all so far and im so happy i had the chance to try it. the sample was a lovely size as a little goes along way. this is a luxury product and at £20.00 a bottle you understand why. im not sure if i could repurchase this at this price being a mummy of two and as everyone will understand the expense that comes with this responsibility £20.00 for a bubble bath for me at this time is a high price. which is such a shame because i soooooo want to repurchase this as i love it so much.

the scent is amazing, a little musky and deep with a fresh tone at the same time, almost reminds me of a subtle aftershave scent. YUMMY! as i previously said a little goes along way and it creates a lovely bubbly bath with this relaxing scent and feel. it leaves the skin feeling alive and so soft which is great and the scent lingers for a nice amount of time creating a really clean feel. 

over all i love this product and i REALLY want to repurchase but it is not in my budget at the second, maybe i will get saving because i really want this in my collection.

thank you Noble Isle for this tester im really enjoying it and dont want it to end. 


a photo a day for may is a number today, so my lucky and fav number is number 9 :)


well after amazing sunshine for a week, the weather has started to turn so todays subject is the weather today, and its still hot but cloudy and not as much sunshine, this is southsea beach and the pier.


for a photo a day today the subject is something sweet, so here is my something sweet, ummmmmm my fav, i love love love to make cupcakes :) xxx


hi ladies, well todays photo a day is 12'0'clock, so here it is my pic of 12'0'clock :)

whats your picture for today xxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

hi ladies well the lovely Amiiee has awarded me the kreativ blogger award bless her i was so chuffed, so thank you hun means the world to me, please go take a look at Amiiee blog i LOVE reading it daily, and shes just has a special birthday so has some awesome blogs up. So once again thank you Amiiee and happy birthday for last week :) x

The rules for the Kreativ Blogger Award is simple.
- Post a link of your Kreativ Blogger Award post to the person who awarded you it.
- Share seven random facts about yourself.
- Pass it on to other bloggers.

so here are my seven random facts about myself ladies..........
1- i love to sing all the time anywhere lol
2- i get so irritated at times so quickly!!! beware lol its usually at hubby!
3- i bite my nails YUK!!!! so usually have extensions.
4-i love the sunshine, im a total sun worshiper. 
5- i dont drive
6- im a real bargain hunter when it comes to shopping.
7- do not wake me in the mornings, let me wake naturally i am NOT a morning person lol.

there are my total random 7 facts about myself lol, hope they were ok.
and underneath is my list of lovely ladies that i award the kreativ blogger award too.

Cole of coleyyyful
Kaylie of pink porcelain
Zoe of zoelou and the beauty blog
Natalie of Nattyboo
Aimee of lipslike sugar

well done ladies i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogs keep up the amazing work :) xx
see you all soon xxx

Sleek Blush

hey ladies, well ive got another Sleek product for you and this time it is a blush. ive been really hankering after a pink shade cant remember the name but they didnt have that in stock so the other colour ive been after is a bronze more terracotta colour and i came across this one today. my blush collection seems to pink mostly pink, so im def on the hunt for peaches and warmer browner tones for the summer.

the colour i choose today was suade 921, really warm, peachy colour, im so happy with it and cant wait to wear it, as i havent worn this yet ive only swatched this but from what ive seen so far its smooth and blends nicely, its not to heavy and is build able to the shade your wanting to achieve. 
i will keep you posted on how this wears and look forward to your comments and views on this product, please let me know if you have any and how you feel they perform.

superdrug £4.99

Sleek Pout Polish

hi ladies well i got one of the sleek pout polish's today and im so please with this little item.
ive not used one before so was excited to try one. i also wanted to try one as they are a lip conditioner and my lips could use some conditoning at the moment! i usually stick to the good old vaseline for conditioning my lips but wanted something new to try and i then saw these.

the pots are lovely with the nice simple sleek logo and design, screw lid to a sturdy clear pot which houses the product. as always a "sleek" look from sleek which i love. now more about the product first of all in contains SPF15 which is always a bonus, when applied it feels soft and smooth no stickiness which is a big plus for me as this is a major hate of mine! sticky lips yuk! it feels really nice on VERY moistursing which is just what i need, all this with a hint of colour. and it does have a small amount of colour which is fine by me, i didnt buy it for a massive punch of colour i wanted a different product with moisture giving quality's and something to make my lips feel all round just better.

as you can see the colour is very faint, but like i said this is fine with me, plus it does have a little colour perfect for a sunny day :) i also love the sheen it gives, really shiny effect which again is very pretty for these hot days. so ladies if you want to give your lips some loving id def recommend the sleek pout polish. it does come in about 5 colours i believe the colour i choose was peach perfection, im unsure on how the other colours appear but i think i will be purchasing more to find out.
let me know if you have any of these id love to hear your thoughts on them.

superdrug £4.69

Friday, 25 May 2012


so as you know hubby travels the world for work so for todays photo for may i decided to add these two South African drums he got for the girls for my subject of unusual the girls love them. plus i think they are different to pretty fitting realy :)


for a photo a day today the subject is "something new" so todays pic is of my new gladiators that i actually got about 2 months ago but havent had the weather to wear them, so now the sun is out so are my new gladiators :)


 I wanted to do a little post on some of my fav PINK lip products! i have so many and to be honest i do love a bit of pink, but im also loving the corals at the moment which is for another post!

i have silly amounts of pink lip products but what i thought i would do it just pick my ten favourite other wise ill be here ALL day! lol. As summer has seemed to of made an appearance now, i like to crack out the bright and bold colours but also the pretty subtle colours for more casual use. so here are my top ten fav summer PINK lip goodies.


so here are the first three from left to right. first is the collection 2000 cream puff in shade fairy cake this is a matt lip cream and i love these, now this i do class as pink but also has a coral shade to it so its a little hard to place, maybe it will end up in both!. Next is CARGO lip gloss in shade morocco. last in the ferne cotton glossy lips lip gloss in love.

the next three are also from left to right, first is the MUA in shade 8 this is bright and has alot of pigment which i love i also love the stay power of my mua lipsticks, next is the REVLON lipbutter in lollipop im really loving this colour when the sun is out plus the moisture it offers and lastly is the LOREAL caresse in aphrodite scarlett again lovely colour little subtler but so pretty.

and here are the last of my top 10 pink lip colours, first is a ferne cotton baby pink, then the FATE in soft pink, REVLON lipbutter in peach parfait and MUA in shade 7, these are the more subtle daytime pinks which i also love. 

so there are my top ten lip colours, do you have a fav pink if you do leave me a comment and let me know please, id love to see :) 
see you soon ladies x

CAUDALIE paris Vinosource

Now i got this lovely product in my glossy box last month i believe and i wasnt all to sure about it after id read about it and did a little research well i was totally wrong!

im more a skin moisturiser girl and have not really looked to far into the world of skin serums and oils.
this was a nice opportunity for me to try one out and i have to say i now think i will be looking alot more into face serums. when i received this item i thought it was an amazing size sample but on closer inspection the actual tube only had about 1/4 of the product in so was a little dissapointed, never the less i was excited to use it.

the CAUDALIE s.o.s thirst quenching serum for your face and neck is truly a lovely product.its says to apply morning and evening to neck and face before your moisturiser. so this is what i did, the sample that i had lasted me about 4 days which is lovely as a little of this product goes along way. i use around a pea size amount and this is plenty to massage into my face and neck. 

the sample size i received was 10ml and full size is only 30ml but at £25.90 a bottle im sad to say this is out of my budget range and i cant repurchase something at this high price. 

below is a link to where i did find it a little cheaper than usual.

it does leave my skin feeling wonderful, bright and airy, smooth and soft and just like it has some life in it. maybe in the furture i will purchase this after saving some pennies but until then i am now on the hunt for some face serums to use daily. so if any of you lovely ladies know of any please leave a comment below as id be really interested to find one that does the same job but for a smaller price tag.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

May Glossy Box Edition 2012 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Well i received my May Glossy Box today and i was so pleased. first of all i would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY glossy box, and thank you for this months box i was over the moon with all the goodies.
i do usually love one or two items and end up with 3 products i mght use but probably wont, so this month im so pleased to actually say i will use all of these at some point and probably sooner than i think. i have to say the packaging this month was so pretty and girlie, with pink tissue paper cover in black print cupcakes and handbags and perfumes ect all the lovely girliy things we love :) this all came tided in a classy black ribbon which just topped it off, i love the baby pink and black pairing really nice touch glossy box.

first of all i dived for the small stumpy shaped yellow bottle as im such a bubble bath person i was hoping it would be some luxury bubble bath to soak myself in tonight. This is the NOBLE ISLE summer rising bath and shower gel. it says its an immaculate fragrance evoking the beginning of summer. this is a new British bath and body brand inspired by the natural cultural riches of the British isle. this smells AMAZING im so excited to use this and an excellent size two75ml, id say 2-3 baths this would fill nicely. the bottle is lovely and looks very high end and the scent is a blend of elder flower and goosebury. 

next i got these two perfume samples, LOLITA LEMPICKA, L'Eau en Blanc and Si Lolita.
well where do i start these are BEAUTIFUL............... im so pleased i got these two samples but so sad they are only samples, i actually want these in full size NOW!. the only problem i face is that these are £63-£65 per 100ml OUCH! thats way out of my price range maybe i could get saving and next time this year i might be able to treat myself lol. it says chic meets fantasy fairy tale to create a perfect frangrance, i love this little saying. L'Eau en Blanc is fresh and sweet but so soft lovely for a summers day. Si Lolita is a little stronger not florally but sweet again with a musty under tone, its also sooooooooo yummy! if i could afford them now they would be in mt collection for sure, maybe one day.

next is the WELEDA face and body cream, this brand only contains natural ingredients grown biodynamically to help restore health and maintain wellbeing, well i dont know about that but it smells fresh and subtle and feels lovely im also looking forward to using this, prices start from £10.95 so not totally out of reach and at a great price, im liking the looks of this so i will keep you posted.

next is the UNIQONE all in one hair treatment. this is the first leave on mask on the market that offers ten main benefits that your hair needs. the ideal partner for everyday use for the best stylists and customers. this looks really interesting to me, i love new hair products and i did see a review the other day about these products. at full size £13.99 again this is not a un reachable price so it would be something i would repurchase if it has the effects it says it does, again i will keep you posted ladies.

and lastly where these very dramatic lovely lashes, these are by "LET GO LASHES" and they have 40 styles thats pretty amazing if you ask me and i can never have enough lashes at home, i have a nice little store of them in a drawer ready for when i need them and i like to have a choice so these are great to add to my collection. these will certainly been coming out when the time is right.

so this months glossy box has been very pleasant, i will use it all this month and cannot wait. 
and as a bonus we even got sent a little glossy box compact mirror which is also amazing and so handy as i can always use a compact mirror for my handbag

so ladies what did you get in your glossy box this month please leave a comment below id love to know.
£10 a month plus p/p.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


SO here is my photo a day for may, and today the subject is technology, well im hoping in the near future i am going to be getting my new camera for my blogging and vlogging and this is the one im looking at the 

FinePix F770EXR

by fujifilm


for todays photo a day the title is PINK, well on my purchase list is this sleek blusher in flamingo pink so i thought this was pretty fitting really, so here it is my photo a day pink :)

let me know if you guys are doing photo a day for may, its been brilliant fun and ive loved doing it not to many left now though :( 

also let me know if you have this blush would love a review please comment below.

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