Monday, 30 April 2012

Sunshine Award :)

I have recieved the Sunshine Award from the lovely Kaylie
so pleased and so thankful that Kaylie nominated me so thank you hun.

1) Each tagged person must post five to ten things about themselves.
2)You have to choose and tag 5 people.
3) Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them

Kaylie chose to do 10 facts that make her happy and i'm going to do the same as it is the Sunshine Award :)
10 Things That Make Me Happy
My girls Emma(8) and lilly(2)
my husband rob
my great friends
lyla (doggie)
walking in the woods with my family
makeup and beauty blogging
my family
clothes and handbags
nice bottle of wine!

the ladies i pass this award onto are....

Benefit Pore-Fessional

Hi ladies well, i have to let you know about this product, i LOVE it! i was given this about 3 months ago and have repurchased it since. Benefit kindly gave me a face kit when i went in to speak to them about some makeup i got and wasnt happy with due to a VERY strange smell! they were amazing gave me a free make over and a bag full of goodies, including this item, the pore fessional pore minimizer. i wasnt 100% sure if this would actually do anything at first but i have to say its makes the world of difference.

i apply this before me makeup its very thick but once on and rubbed in its soooooooo smooth and almost powder touch like. i wear this over the bridge of my nose and forehead to hide my pores. then once ive applied foundation im not filling up my face with foundation and rubbish. its oil free, lightweight, translucent and very silky! it is a little pricy at £21.00 but its not often i purchase items like this and because i love it that much i really dont mind.

to look at it looks like its going to put colour on to your skin but its totally translucent love love love, the feel and texture and as i said before makes such a difference to my complexion.
if any of you ladies have tried this i would love to hear what you think please let me know.

Vaseline Feet & Legs Stimulating lotion

this is just a quick blog about this product i picked up the other day. it was a total impulse buy as my legs seems to be really dry at the moment and it really irritates me!
well i was so pleased to grab this and i had to let you all know about it, 

this is the vaseline stimulating feet and leg lotion. it smells AMAZING!
it has menthol and eucalyptus scent and is so refreshing and cooling.

after i have shaved my legs, they almost feel dry and itchy, the only way i can describe it, and its horrible. i used this hoping it would be a stand in lotion until i do a little research and find one that really works, but in all honesty i really dont need to look any further. this has a cooling effect and makes my legs feel so soft and moistursed after use. my legs have really changed since using this this has a massive thumbs up from me.
at £1.29 its also an amazing price so i will repurchase for sure. let me know of any other great leg moisturisers ladies could always do with some recommendations.

Maxfactor Lasting Perfection Foundation.

so recently ive been looking for a new foundation. i really want to try some of the bourjois ones so will be doing that soon, but my mum had this amazing recommendation for me.

she uses this everyday and speaks so highly of it and she suggested when i next came to see her next i try it one and see what i think. so i did just that, this foundation is a compact in which i dont usually go for, the packaging is lovely and reminds me of a over sized maybelline eye tattoo glass jar. 
it is round glass shallow jar, with a plastic lid which has a flip up container on top to keep the provided sponge. the sponge is really little for me a little to little to use to apply foundation so i will use my brush but none the less its ok.
as i am the same skin tone and colour as my mum trying this first was perfect, the colour she has is warm almond 45 and i have to say i actually dont think i own a foundation which has this great of colour match for me. this is a massive PLUS for me!

once id tried the foundation i loved the effect it gave, was very creamy and you really dont need alot to cover you face evenly. it seems very heavy once on the brush but once worked onto the face its is so smooth and has a powdery feeling which is lovely. its very easy to apply and an lovely foundation.
im so happy i tried this and plus my lovely mum who had purchased this on 3 for 2 at boots last month gave me one as a gift :) so little bonus there for me too bless her.
i would highly recommend this foundation for someone with normal/dry skin as its very moisturising.
all around a great product and i will be repurchasing in the future.

ill be back soon ladies, let me know of any other foundations that you recommend please im always on the hunt for more to try x

Sunday, 29 April 2012

April's Natural Glossy Box

Hi ladies, well here it is Aprils glossy box! The Natural Box. because spring is in the air (apparently).
i was pleasantly surprised with this months glossy box and the items i received i will happily say i will use all of them. also something that i really likes about my 5 items is that they seem to all be at a reasonable price to repurchase or purchase in full size.

First of all is the FIGS AND ROUGE lip balm. 100% natural and organic. a natural hydrating lip balm.
i have tried this now and at first i felt it didnt really do much but a bit like my little vaseline tins, you have to work it all little to get to the good bit. as its set in the set when i first tried i didnt really get much product but second and third time it seemed alot better it smells lovely quite floral but a subtle floral and at £3.29 a great price.

next is the  KAI perfume oil. an intoxicating blend of gardina and white exotics. 
this is a tiny sample but i dont mind that as to be honest its probably not something i would go for in a shop.
while it smells lovely and fresh, its a little florally for me as a scent but is a nice product as its an oil it seems to go further. at £41 a bottle full size to me a 3.60ml bottle is very small and this is quite a pricy product and not something id purchase. but one of those lovely little samples to have if i want to take it out one evening and great to pop in my bag.

this product i love :) CAUDALIE thirst quenching serum.
this is a plant based serum so 100% natural. its amazing on my skin, i put this on before my makeup and the thing i love about this is it soaks straight in and makes me skin feel very fresh and alive. at full size its £29.00 which isnt totally unreachable id have to save a little but i think that because this product makes me skin feel amazing i would def purchase at full size.

what a glossy box without a bubble bath or shower gel lol, well yup you guessed it i got another one! i can tell you i dont think ive bought a bubble bath or shower gel in forever because ive always recieved one in my box. which isnt a bad thing as i use them daily and i like to try all the new and different ones.
AYUURI natural body wash. i got this in sandlewood, this scent is amazing and i love this in the morning once out of the shower/bath! its smells fresh and a little spicy and its yummy. this is a full size product and at only £4.95 to purchase i think this is a brill product all round!

finally is the INIKA COSMETICS organic eyeliner, in coco. this is a lovely dark brown with a hint of red, lovely colour, i did wear this yesterday and it really doesnt last to long, but feel s VERY SOFT and does go on well. i think this is going to be ideal for me when i only need to pop out for an hour, instead of using one of my more stronger stay power eyeliners for the sake of a few minutes out. this is £11.75 so probably not one i would repurchase for casual use, but again this will last me ages so i doubt i will need to re purchase.

so aprils glossy box all round was a lovely box, great products all natural even better and a great range!
cant wait for next months now, i am awaiting my she said beauty box so look out for that box next.
bubbye for now ladies x

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mum's Birthday HELP PLEASE!

hi ladies right!!!!

my mums birthday is coming up soon! i am truly struggling with what to get my mum this year, i have been racking my brains but i keep coming to a dead end or the "oh i got her that last year or three years ago".

so i was wondering if any of you ladies could help me out please. pretty please!
she is very into many things like me, beauty products, handbags, perfume, ect all those lovely lady things we ahhh and cooo over!

so any ideas would really really REALLY BE A MASSIVE HELP!

What have you got your mums for their birthdays, maybe something a little different or maybe just a lovely girlie, treat gift.

thanks ladies x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wed Mini Haul

Hi ladies well needed to pop to superdrug today! i only went for two items out of these five but you know me, i get excited and end up with more! lol. i know im not the only one that does this lol.

first off the things i went to get were.

superdrug colour effects wash in wash out colour conditioner. £1.29
i have used this since i went back blonde and i love it! great little product to use once every couple of weeks to make your blonde that little more bright and rejuvenated. 

MUA shadow shade 1 pearl. - £1.00
i recently did a blog on some other mua eyeshadows and i had a very lovely comment suggesting i use this shade as a highlighter and shadow so i wanted to grab one of these. (i will do a seperate review)

then....... the things i wasnt going out to get but i got anyway lol......

MUA shadow shade17 matt - £1.00
i havent got such a matt biscuit colour like this and have been looking for one. my naked pallette houses so many nudey colours but more shimmery so i wasnt a more defined matt. this is def that! really pretty colour.
(i will do a review on this too)

i saw there are many different views on these! i thought i had tried these but on closer inspection i havent tried these i tried the ones in the gold tubes! so i have purchased the travel size to give them ago.
they were two for £2.49 so we shall see what i think of these in a few days time and if i will be repurchasing in full size!

bubbye for now ladies x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Benefit Brow Zings!

evening all :)

i had to share this lovely little product with you all as its a great little buy and does a really good job.

Now your all going to probably laugh at me but when it comes to my eyebrows i actually dont do very much at all, in fact i have NEVER plucked them or waxed them or anything lol, my mum always told me if you leave your eyebrows alone you will never need to do anything to them! well i have to say at 28 years old i have never touched them and they seem fine to me. now i know as i have fair hair this is probably a big help and my eyebrows as well as my lashes are very fine so that is probably another helping hand! but i do not intend to pluck them and start something that i may regret! knowing my luck i will do it once and wake up the next day with what only i can describe as two large furry caterpillars fighting on my forehead!

so the only product i have ever really used on my eyebrows is a liner to maybe define them a little more for when im going out or want a heavier more glam look. i cam across this product in benefit a while ago and when the ladies at their brow bar said here have a free tint and re-shape i was like hell yeah free ok! well she came at me with the tweezers and then the wax and i think i moved quicker than a group of ladies at a 90% off makeup sale! she did look at me very strangely and i explained how id never touched them and didnt want to start! so instead she showed me some techniques to maybe shape them and define them.

the product she used was BROW ZINGS. this little black snazzy box with two pans in it. first of all is a pigmented wax in which you apply to the brow first to create a nice even shape. a little of this with a nice firm brush you can create a sleek tidy brow. once you have achieved the shape you are after you then go on to apply the other pan which contains a dense shadow/colour. you sweep this over the brow again with a firm brush to add a  little definition. you can use this as light or heavy as you wish.

this set come in three colour shade, light, medium and dark. the one i have is medium and great for my colouring or fair to mousy hair tones. as i said earlyier this can be built to you can achieve dark tones with this set if your going for the "scouse brow" look then keep on building lol.! over all this is a great little product to have and comes in  lovely high end  packaging with little brand names on the case. it comes with two small brushes and a mini pair of tweezers in which i have never used any of them so i cant really review the brushes (sorry). at £22.50 for this little set i believe it is well worth it as this is going to last me FOREVER!. let me know what you think if you have the brow zings set. bubbye for now ladies x

Foundation Few Of My Favs!

hi ladies, well my good friend sammie bushell has asked me to do a blog on foundations.
so i have picked my top four out of my collection hoping this may help a little.
i have picked four very different foundation in which i use for different occasions.
they also have a great range in price from budget to higher end.i always wonder if higher end foundations are "better" but to be honest i really dont know because i have some amazing foundations that only have cost me under £10 and they are equally as good as the higher end ones.
first of all is my 17 boots collection miracle matte foundation. i had seen this advertised and had actually swatched this 3 or 4 times before i bought it. i could quite decide from swathing it whether i like it or not, because when i swatched it  it seemed very heavy and noticeable. but im glad i did. it is a very thick consistency but it does blend very well and a little goes along way. it was around the £5-6 mark and for a foundation i believe this is great value. its stay power is great and the coverage is good. the only time i wouldn't suggest using this foundation is if you have dry skin as it tends to cling to dry patches and makes your face patchy. i usually use a face mositurising oil before i apply this foundation just to insure any dry patches are taken care of. but all around a great little foundation. i use this for if i am going out for the daytime and need something that will last the duration.
next is the garnier BB cream. 
this is my everyday foundation and i was recommended this by a fellow blogger and i have to say i love it!
it is excellent for many skin types, as it has such a mositursing effect its brilliant. this again is quite thick but goes on and on and on... and i was really surprised when i first used this as i couldnt believe how much coverage it still gave me as a cream. its really blend-able and the colour matches my skin really well. i def expected it to be like a tinted mosituriser and in fact it was much more and this is probably my favorite. again a little goes along way and i like how it feels on your face. once applied your face still feel very light and comfortable and the effect looks very natural. at around £10 this is a little more expensive but i love this product and will def re purchase in the future. 
here is my benefit some kind a gorgeous compact foundation.
i really love this foundation but for me its far to heavy for a day foundation. maybe not so much for the effect and look, but def once applied i can feel this foundation, it almost feels quite heavy. i tend to use this foundation for when i  go out and want to achieve a more glam look. this is very build-able and gives a very polished clean even finish. but to me it does also give the look of you are wearing makeup. but never the less i do love it, its very soft and no matter how my skin is, dry,oily, normal at the time im wearing it always go on nicely and covers perfectly. this is quite pricey in my eyes at around £23 but if you are after the very even toned look its well worth it. one reason i couldnt use this daily is that i think i would need one compact a month as it isnt a very generous size and doesnt last all that long. but that is my only gripe about the product. so i dont mind using it for occasions then it last me longer lol.
and lastly is my oil free CK foundation, this is my real night out foundation, it is a lovely product but again very heavy and what only i can describe as film makeup. meaning if your off somewhere posh ie weddings, and occasions like that and your going to be having your pics done this is the one! it give that amazing perfect flawless look! and stays there all day like concrete. i also can wear this is my skin is misbehaving and i had dry spots ect which i was surprised about as being oil free i thought it would dry very quickly and pic up on my monster patches of skin but it doesnt, its very good. it very good to apply and its very blend able once on the face. Now i have some mini travel bottles of this i havent purchased a full size product but from mind i think it was around £30 mark. now that sounds alot but its is a generous full size bottle and you really dont need alot so i guess the cost evened out over the time you would have this product would be ok. 

so there were my top 4 foundations for all types of occasions i do have some more but these 4 stand out to me. one more little thing i wanted to add is that i know everyone is different and likes to apply foundation in different ways but for me the perfect way after priming my face and eyes and having used a pore mini-miser is apply my foundation with a brush! no oil hands dragging the foundation off that you have applied and a very even tone is achieved.
the brushes i like to use are my benefit face puff (that i got in a set) and my samantha chapman real techniques buffing brush. both give my face the best coverage. any new foundations you have tried please drop me a message i would love to try some new ones.

The All IMPORTANT Washing Of Your Brushes!!!

hi ladies right i wanted to do a blog on "washing of your make up brushes"

i have heard so many ways and tips on how to wash your brushes and how not to wash them! all i would like to know is a way to wash them which keeps them looking as new as possible and keeps the brushes feeling soft!
is it to hard to find out lol???

ive not always had the most expensive brushes and to be honest ive just repurchased cheaper ones once my sets have lived there life! ive not even considered washing them! but now i have a more pricey collection (nothing majorly pricey) but alot better quality brushes of course im not looking to just toss them out! i want to learn how to look after them properly!

things ive heard........

wash brushes with nothing but warm water, run warm water down the bristles and run your fingers through until all products have been removed! flick to remove excess water and leave to dry naturally.

another way is to use baby shampoo a little amount to lathe up in the brush rinse with warm water and again flick to dry and then leave to naturally dry!

i read somewhere online to use cleansing milk on brushes!

also to use make up remover!

i could go on! im sure you all see my dilemma! i would love to know what you ladies think would be the best way, or correct way to clean my make up brushes would be, any help would be amazing as i am totally confused as to what i should or shouldn't do! please leave me a comment underneath thank you ladies x

Whats In My Handbag!

hi ladies, ive had a couple of requests about doing a "whats in my handbag" blog, well im afraid its probably not to exciting lol, but i would do it anyways for you.

so here is the handbag i am currently using, its one of my PRIMARNI special! (primark) i havent had this one that long and i think it was £9. little brown over the shoulder bag, with one strap, which has some gold chain detail, pretty and simple just what i like really and inexpensive so even better for me lol.
so whats in here then......
first of all we have obviously my purse full of receipts and not money sadly! again another primarni special this is going to have to go in the bin soon as ive had it AGES and its slowly falling to bits. so off to primarni for me soon for a new purse!
so in size this cavern is as follows.....
good old pack of huggies baby wipes, i never go anywhere without them especially having young children!
small hairbrush for either me or my girls
impulse "into glamour" body spray
travel tin of vaseline original
urban decay chicago lube in a tube
benefit ultra shine lipgloss in "life on the a list"
barry m limited edition gloss in ice
and no.7 lipgloss in angel cake!
do not ask me why i have so many lip products in my bag but i guess a lady can never have to many lipsticks and glosses on ones self at one time lol!
i always have the vaseline and a clear gloss on me, but the colours change depending on what im wearing on the day! would love to have a nose what in other ladies handbags let me know please. bubbye for now all x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipsticks VERY IMPRESSED!

hi ladies, well got this little lipstick the other day in which i am HIGHLY impressed with!
its a collection 2000 lasting colour.
the colour i got was mango tange no.14
if you have read my other blogs im all about high pigmented colour lipsticks! especially for the summer i love the bright fun colours.
well this is 100% one of them for sure!
its hard to find high pigmented lipsticks that actually have some stay power as they tend to fade pretty quickly taking away that in your face look you wanted in the first place.
this however is very different! i wore this today and i think the colour stayed exactly the same for about 3-4 hours then it started to fade! granted i didnt eat or drink whilst wearing this colour but for it to stay this strong and glossy for this amount of time i was very impressed.
the other really impressive thing i love about this lipstick is that how glossy and shiny it is after application!
it is almost as if once applied i then apply a clear gloss on top to give it the extra shine! but no this is all the lipsticks doing it naturally has a high shine finish, another quality i love about a lipstick.
at £2.99 these are a great buy and i will be looking for other bright fun colours in the future please let me know if you ladies have any of these in the brightest of brightest colours in which i may like to try!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

My time on TV! Lol :)

ok ladies someone has spotted i did a little tv advert a couple of years ago and has asked me to do a blog on it :). well two years ago iceland food stores were running a comp to find an everyday mum to be the new face of iceland :) i entered on a little giggle as i had a few friends that worked there and they egged me on to do so, what i didnt know is that i would actually end up on tv!!!

thousands of people entered and it all got whittled down to go to a live audition with coleen nolan in london!.
well i made it throught to this final 54 people :) so off i trotted to my audition in london which was amazing but very nerve racking.

my audition was amazing, i got to meet coleen and the company directors and i had to act out a little scene with this young gent in the pic :) was very funny and i had the best time. the next stage was to have 7 ladies picked to be in the final which would then go to a public vote!!! AGRRRRRRRR!
i waited for this phone call which was possibly the scariest thing ever but one lunch time i was sat there and the production team rang me!!! me heart sank and i was so worried at what they were going to say.
the words that came out were 
NEEDLESS TO SAY I SCREAMED WITH EXCITEMENT!!! this was it i was in the final 7 out of thousands and the public were now going to vote for THE NEW FACE OF ICELAND!
we had weeks of voting to get through so the promotions started!!! 
i had news papers that wanted to do articles, i was on the radio, local events were supporting me and bussiness putting my posters up in there shop windows it was all very bizarre walking down you highstreet and seeing my fave everywhere and people id never met wishing me and and all the luck in the world!
well after weeks of voting the final was here, sadly i didnt win lol but i had had the best experience ever and was so grateful! this is where i thought it had all ended!! BUT NO!! I WAS SO WRONG!!!!
next we had a phone call asking me do i want to star in the new xmas tv advert with jason donovan! i was like WHAT!!!! ummmm HELL YEAH!
SO again we went to london because we had to entail another audition to see if we were good enough for the bright lights! well...... i actually got through and even more so i was asked to sing the song for the adverts!!! so not only do i get to be on tv the voice singing the song is going to me too!! OMG! WAS ALL THIS SO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!

ANYWAY it began!!!! it was a crazy life to be leading and everything was so fast and hectic it was unbelievable! we had newspaper interviews, we had all our pics taken and plastered in newspapers around the country, it was crazy!
i was having so much fun :) then the filming started!!!!
this was the crazyiest time ever, long and i mean LONG hours we were up at 5am ready to go and back at 2am the next day! all day spent on a set filming these tv adverts, for an everyday mummy this was tough going but it was just the most amazing experience ever.
the filming was amazing and getting to meet jason was also great seens as im the biggest soaps fan ever lol.
it was all a massive whirl wind!after filming it was nice and calm and lovely to be home x
now was the waiting for the tv adverts to air!!!! that was quite intense too as was the weirdest feeling to thing my face would be on my tv screen!!!
then came a little surprise, shopping in my iceland food shop as i always do i walk in one day to find these EVERYWHERE.......
I then had people saying ooo well done, oh that you on thise pictures lol lol was very amusing but i kinda loved it. the tv adverts aired in the December and were great was very serine to see me on tv but was such a great time. so there is my 15mins of fame ladies lol was great experience and had so much fun, something to show the grandkids one day i suppose! :)


EEEEEEEEEK!!! im very excited as i have just been nominated by 
for the "versatile blogger award" im so happy as ive only been doing this a short while so im so happy to know that all you ladies enjoy reading my blogs! (hopefully this means im doing something right lol)
i just want to say a massive thank you to  for nominating me it means alot to me to even be considered for a little pat on the back :)

These are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:
1Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.*
2. Let them know that you have nominated them.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the Bloggers that have nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post. 

*it says nominate 15 but i think that is too much as i am new to this and dont have a massive circle of followers so have changed it to 5 for mine and it's all my fav bloggers who i read daily.

1) im left handed, or cack handed as my husband says!
2)im a total lover of cooking, and collect cook books :) this is probably the reason i have put far to much weight on!
3)i get so bored of my hair colour so probably change it about 4 times a year lol, i know im not the only lady that does this!
4)i am secretly a massive fan of the tv programmes home and away and neighbours! i have always watched them and still do religiously!
5)people say i have a posh accent!!!! in which i can never understand, i guess next to my hubbys stong northern accent i sound very different!
6)i have a total obsession in candles and love them all around my house looking pretty at nightime all snuggly :) BUT THEY HAVE TO BE COLOUR CO-ORDINATED WITH EACH ROOM! LOL.
7) two christmas's ago i was one of the can can dancers on the ICELAND tv advert with jason donovan :) also i was the singer on the tv adverts who did the singing for the music on them too :)

my nominees for the versatile award go to-

well done ladies you are my top five bloggers who i LOVE to read on a daily basis keep up the amazing work and thank you all so much for reading im a really happy girl today after a horrible week :) x

Benefit Ultra Shine Gloss!


i have two of the benefit ultra shine lip glosses and they are amazing! perfect for everyday use, they are pretty sheer and so easy to apply without a mirror. packaged in the lovely tubes in black and clear plastic a classic design but fun at the same time.
the colours i have are a very neutral soft peach and its called "life on the A list", this is perfect for a light sheer look and really pretty i find its also nice if you want to add a liner to glam it up a little and wear for an occasion with a neutral face palette.
the second i have is this gorgeous violet colour with a hint of sparkle and its called "wild child". this looks quite dramatic in the tube but again once one very sheer and pretty and great for everyday use.
i love both of these colours and there are some more i would like to try.

as you can see once applied they are so subtle which i really like for everyday use. they are also very moisturising. the stay power isnt amazing but as they are so easily applied with the small brush that come with them i dont mind too much. i know glosses are so different for everyone and these may not be to everyones liking as they are quite thick, but so blend out nice and evenly and have a slight sticky side to them. i do usually prefer smooth glosses that do not have that sticky effect but i have learnt to love these and they are part of my everyday make up use. ive had these a while now and they seem to be lasting a fair while considering the usage i get out of them and im not 100% on the price so please dont quote me but i think they are around the £13.00-£14.00 mark, a little pricy but when you think about how long they are lasting they dont seem so expensive. let me know if you have any of the benefit ultra shine glosses and colours you may suggest.

THE BIG Testing Of Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean.

i have wanted to try the "Peaches and Clean" by soap and glory for a while, the thing that got me was 
msbudgetbeauty RAVED about the amazing smell, and well i knew i was intrguied straight away.
this product is lovely! and i am now a hooked member of the peaches and clean group lol.

the smell is just beautful and i can smell the fresh minty, citursy smell after i have used this product for quite a while in which i love! it may sound really silly but the scent actually really reminds me of the sweets Palma violets! (probabaly just me and my weird nose)

i use this product at the end of the day to either remove makeup and cleanse the face, or just as a lovely cleansing face wash.

i am very impressed by how little of this you need to use as it really does go along way. so reflecting on that point i think it is well worth the £7 a bottle. its sounds alot but from using now for a few days it will last me well so i am happy to spend the £7 on this product.

the consistency of this item is lovely very smooth and milky/cream like and with the pump action bottle you dont end up with alot of waste as you can pump away to your required amount.

again the packaging from Soap & Glory is as pretty as usual with its pink and lemon tones and its creative little puns on the bottle! this is another reason i love the product from all the crazy little limericks they have on their packaging, going that extra mile to make its special and unique.

i have one little downfall with this product in which im sure maybe just to do with my skin type, after using this product it leaves my skin feeling very fresh and clean and also very soft, BUT it does also make my skin feel a little dry, i def need to use a moisturiser  after using this. like i said that maybe just to do with my skin type and i really hope this doesnt effect anyones decision in trying it as i do love this product.
another thumbs up for Soap & Glory!

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