Friday, 6 July 2012

technic ELECTRIC palette

Hey ladies, well i received this AMAZING little palette in the post this morning, now im all about the neutral but occasionally i like that pop of colour on the eyes, especially if you can colour co-ordinate with your OOTD. so i was very pleased to receive this item.

this is the technic electric beauty palette. now these eye shadows are pretty spectacular i have to admit. i have always been really nervous about colours like this not because i dont like wearing them but they look amazing in the box! when you apply usually its a whole different matter. the pigment usually is alot less once applied, and they just dont have the same effect as when you look at them in the pan.

well im glad to say these are different, there was one colour that i wasnt over the moon with in pigment. and that was the really bright pink. its ok but just not as good as the others. so below im going to show you the swatches of how these appear on the skin.

as you can see these colours are so pretty and im so pleased to have these in my collection. they seems to go on well and feel very comfortable to wear not heavy at all and also they are very blend-able.

the come in a very similar casing as the sleek palettes they are sturdy and strong and come with a full size lid mirror and doubled ended foam application brush.

i was very shocked to learn the price of this palette and at £2.99 YOU CANNOT GO WRONG.
these are sold on ebay and amazon so if you fancy one grab a bargain.

im really going to enjoy using this palette.
see you soon ladies x


  1. I have this palette, i had in a beauty swap im yet to try it. But i cant wait too, they are quite similar to Sleek Ax

    1. im soooooooooo pleased with it hun, so similar to the sleek ones, i cannot believe the pigment tho its brilliant x


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