Friday, 6 April 2012

8yr Olds MakeUp And Shopping Trip! Where did my baby go?

Yesterday was my little princess emma 8th birthday! 8 years old my god where has time gone???
well as you ladies will all know who have young children they get to a certain age and start stealing your makeup, shoes ect. well my little girl does anyway lol.
she has grown up so much and i thought it was about time she had some little items of makeup of her own.
so i got her a little clear make up bag, and a mirror and brush set from superdrug nothing fancy but a lovely little starter set. i also got her two fate sheer nail polishes, and a MUA pink polish. an MUA light pink gloss and pink shimmer shadow and then a rimmel lilac shadow too. also a cowgirl bath bomb from lush always a winner what every little girl needs to play makeup like mummy.
here she is with her main birthday present in which i still cant get my head around a little samsung laptop!! yes yes i hear everyone saying "a laptop", shes 8 years old, but in all honesty she does all her school work at home and school on a computer now not like the days of paper and HB pencils for me! so she is over the moon.
she also got some pennies from family in cards so she wanted to go on a shopping trip for some summery clothes as the weather has started to change so today we had great fun doing the girly thing, shopping and lunch with her little sister and nanny. this little outfit is from primark so pretty, the skirt was £5 and top was £1.50, bargain and looks so lovely on.
her second little outfit she choose was always from primark a pair of white skinny jeans £5, a pack of two white vest tops for £2.50 and a blue star detail cropped over top £5 also a little bargain outfit and so lovely.
finally nanny pauline (my mum) and grandad jimmy, had bought emma these amazing little outfits from next she was so happy, pack of two leggins with little diamond details on bottom, one floral one pink, pack of three long t-shirts with floral print on top, and a pink hoody which is so pretty, 
cannot believe my little baby is now a little lady! 
time passes so quickly i remember like yesterday i was holding my little 6lb baby in my arms, now shes applying lip gloss and tapping away on a laptop looking for shoes!!!
i have had amazing day with my little princess and so glad she was pleased with all her presents.
watch this space before you know it she will be blogging about the latest trends and makeup on the market agrrrrrhhhhhh!

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  1. thats so lovely my little girlis nearly 5 and i catch her putting my lipstick on all the time lol



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