Tuesday, 15 May 2012

MUA Eye Shadow Palettes

You all know i love my MUA products at the moment, but i just wanted to show you this little palette that i infact got free with an MUA online order. if you spend over £4 at the moment you get this palette free. its the glamour days shades.

i have about 2 of these colours in separates but the rest i dont have so i was really pleased and for a free item to come with my order i was even happier.

these palette are only £4 to buy and i think they have around 4-6 different palettes to choose from. there lovely to travel with, having all the colours together.

the packaging is again basic and does feel a little flimsy on these palettes so i do take care when opening and closing just in case, but it does and works fine.

 top row of shadows are slightly lighter shades. but  really pretty.
bottom shades are slightly deeper excellent for the crease of the eye lid.

let me know if you have any of the MUA palette and how you get on with them.
bubbye for now ladies x


  1. Deffo will be purchasing this for my holiday :) x

    1. Worth doing hun, cause you can keep them all in one place then and dont have to take all the individual shadows x the night palette is really nice too x

    2. Just wanna also comment on the products u have reccomended to me firstly the mua products I LOVE them and am slowly getting a nice collection they are really good for the price also the osiris apricot scrub from 99p shop leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean and I suffer dry skin so this is great at removing that also nivea visage pure&Natural range the soothing day cream and regenerating night cream both these leave my skin feeling amazing the soak in lovely and after just a week have REALLY helped my dry skin problem they smell gorgeous too :) thank u for the recommedations on these products hun :)

  2. Ive been eyeing this palette up for a while now. I need to take another look. I love the heaven and earth palette :)



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