Monday, 28 May 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

hi ladies well the lovely Amiiee has awarded me the kreativ blogger award bless her i was so chuffed, so thank you hun means the world to me, please go take a look at Amiiee blog i LOVE reading it daily, and shes just has a special birthday so has some awesome blogs up. So once again thank you Amiiee and happy birthday for last week :) x

The rules for the Kreativ Blogger Award is simple.
- Post a link of your Kreativ Blogger Award post to the person who awarded you it.
- Share seven random facts about yourself.
- Pass it on to other bloggers.

so here are my seven random facts about myself ladies..........
1- i love to sing all the time anywhere lol
2- i get so irritated at times so quickly!!! beware lol its usually at hubby!
3- i bite my nails YUK!!!! so usually have extensions.
4-i love the sunshine, im a total sun worshiper. 
5- i dont drive
6- im a real bargain hunter when it comes to shopping.
7- do not wake me in the mornings, let me wake naturally i am NOT a morning person lol.

there are my total random 7 facts about myself lol, hope they were ok.
and underneath is my list of lovely ladies that i award the kreativ blogger award too.

Cole of coleyyyful
Kaylie of pink porcelain
Zoe of zoelou and the beauty blog
Natalie of Nattyboo
Aimee of lipslike sugar

well done ladies i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogs keep up the amazing work :) xx
see you all soon xxx

1 comment:

  1. Awh welldone on ur award lovely. Thanks so much again its very lovely of you, appreciate it, hope your well xxx


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