Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Make Up Books HELP PLEASE!

HI LADIES........... 
right i have a question to ask you all, ive been having a little scout about at some make up books, i dont own any at the moment and i would like to start collecting some that i could really find helpful. and being that i LOVE my makeup i think i would get alot of use out of them. 

BUT..... my dilemma is where to start! ive looked on waterstones sight and i really didnt realise there was going to be so many to choose from! 
so i was wondering if any of you lovely ladies have any makeup books that you think are a good read, that give you tips and show you how to do different techniques ect. any help would be amazing ladies because i am totally at a loss where to begin and i dont want to end up with books that are no use to me.

thank you see you soon, any info would help please leave a comment below.

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