Friday, 6 July 2012


hey ladies, so ive had some lovely shampoos and conditioners sent to me by john frieda and im really excited. as you all know the john frieda go blonder is my absolute favorite well ive not tried the sheer blonde highlight activating  range so im going to use these both over the next few weeks and do a comparison. im going to each for one week straight and compare after two weeks on how my hair has been behaving.

im really looking forward to doing this as i love hair products at the moment and love the different types of products available on the market to try. so this is going to be the first of many ladies. i shall keep you posted along the way.

have you used any? have you used both, do you have a fav out of the pair let me know if you do i would love to know what you think about these products.

see you soon xxx

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