Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Benefit Brow Zings!

evening all :)

i had to share this lovely little product with you all as its a great little buy and does a really good job.

Now your all going to probably laugh at me but when it comes to my eyebrows i actually dont do very much at all, in fact i have NEVER plucked them or waxed them or anything lol, my mum always told me if you leave your eyebrows alone you will never need to do anything to them! well i have to say at 28 years old i have never touched them and they seem fine to me. now i know as i have fair hair this is probably a big help and my eyebrows as well as my lashes are very fine so that is probably another helping hand! but i do not intend to pluck them and start something that i may regret! knowing my luck i will do it once and wake up the next day with what only i can describe as two large furry caterpillars fighting on my forehead!

so the only product i have ever really used on my eyebrows is a liner to maybe define them a little more for when im going out or want a heavier more glam look. i cam across this product in benefit a while ago and when the ladies at their brow bar said here have a free tint and re-shape i was like hell yeah free ok! well she came at me with the tweezers and then the wax and i think i moved quicker than a group of ladies at a 90% off makeup sale! she did look at me very strangely and i explained how id never touched them and didnt want to start! so instead she showed me some techniques to maybe shape them and define them.

the product she used was BROW ZINGS. this little black snazzy box with two pans in it. first of all is a pigmented wax in which you apply to the brow first to create a nice even shape. a little of this with a nice firm brush you can create a sleek tidy brow. once you have achieved the shape you are after you then go on to apply the other pan which contains a dense shadow/colour. you sweep this over the brow again with a firm brush to add a  little definition. you can use this as light or heavy as you wish.

this set come in three colour shade, light, medium and dark. the one i have is medium and great for my colouring or fair to mousy hair tones. as i said earlyier this can be built to you can achieve dark tones with this set if your going for the "scouse brow" look then keep on building lol.! over all this is a great little product to have and comes in  lovely high end  packaging with little brand names on the case. it comes with two small brushes and a mini pair of tweezers in which i have never used any of them so i cant really review the brushes (sorry). at £22.50 for this little set i believe it is well worth it as this is going to last me FOREVER!. let me know what you think if you have the brow zings set. bubbye for now ladies x

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