Thursday, 19 April 2012

My time on TV! Lol :)

ok ladies someone has spotted i did a little tv advert a couple of years ago and has asked me to do a blog on it :). well two years ago iceland food stores were running a comp to find an everyday mum to be the new face of iceland :) i entered on a little giggle as i had a few friends that worked there and they egged me on to do so, what i didnt know is that i would actually end up on tv!!!

thousands of people entered and it all got whittled down to go to a live audition with coleen nolan in london!.
well i made it throught to this final 54 people :) so off i trotted to my audition in london which was amazing but very nerve racking.

my audition was amazing, i got to meet coleen and the company directors and i had to act out a little scene with this young gent in the pic :) was very funny and i had the best time. the next stage was to have 7 ladies picked to be in the final which would then go to a public vote!!! AGRRRRRRRR!
i waited for this phone call which was possibly the scariest thing ever but one lunch time i was sat there and the production team rang me!!! me heart sank and i was so worried at what they were going to say.
the words that came out were 
NEEDLESS TO SAY I SCREAMED WITH EXCITEMENT!!! this was it i was in the final 7 out of thousands and the public were now going to vote for THE NEW FACE OF ICELAND!
we had weeks of voting to get through so the promotions started!!! 
i had news papers that wanted to do articles, i was on the radio, local events were supporting me and bussiness putting my posters up in there shop windows it was all very bizarre walking down you highstreet and seeing my fave everywhere and people id never met wishing me and and all the luck in the world!
well after weeks of voting the final was here, sadly i didnt win lol but i had had the best experience ever and was so grateful! this is where i thought it had all ended!! BUT NO!! I WAS SO WRONG!!!!
next we had a phone call asking me do i want to star in the new xmas tv advert with jason donovan! i was like WHAT!!!! ummmm HELL YEAH!
SO again we went to london because we had to entail another audition to see if we were good enough for the bright lights! well...... i actually got through and even more so i was asked to sing the song for the adverts!!! so not only do i get to be on tv the voice singing the song is going to me too!! OMG! WAS ALL THIS SO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!

ANYWAY it began!!!! it was a crazy life to be leading and everything was so fast and hectic it was unbelievable! we had newspaper interviews, we had all our pics taken and plastered in newspapers around the country, it was crazy!
i was having so much fun :) then the filming started!!!!
this was the crazyiest time ever, long and i mean LONG hours we were up at 5am ready to go and back at 2am the next day! all day spent on a set filming these tv adverts, for an everyday mummy this was tough going but it was just the most amazing experience ever.
the filming was amazing and getting to meet jason was also great seens as im the biggest soaps fan ever lol.
it was all a massive whirl wind!after filming it was nice and calm and lovely to be home x
now was the waiting for the tv adverts to air!!!! that was quite intense too as was the weirdest feeling to thing my face would be on my tv screen!!!
then came a little surprise, shopping in my iceland food shop as i always do i walk in one day to find these EVERYWHERE.......
I then had people saying ooo well done, oh that you on thise pictures lol lol was very amusing but i kinda loved it. the tv adverts aired in the December and were great was very serine to see me on tv but was such a great time. so there is my 15mins of fame ladies lol was great experience and had so much fun, something to show the grandkids one day i suppose! :)


  1. that's so cool! how has this never come up before? lol

    1. ha ha ham its only because someone on here asked me this morning were you on that iceland tv advert!!! lol lol was my little 15min of fame ill stick to being a mummy tho!!!

  2. haha that is so cool. will have to see if we can find the old advert on youtube x

  3. Wow Natalie that really is such a brill blog , I read it with envy I have always wanted to be on the tv mostly to be a singer but anyone who has the bottle to get up there and show the nation what there made of us a friend of mine so good for you :)
    Ps thanks for the add xx


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