Thursday, 3 May 2012

She Said Beauty Box My First And Im Afraid My Last

Well........ ive been awaiting the arrival of my "she Said" box for ages now :(
i finally received it this morning and to be honest im so disappointed. 
i only have the glossy box to compare this too oh and one carmine box, as once id signed up the following month they joint forces with glossy. when i opened this box it was all crumpled and look like it had already been opened! the sticker was off and the paper all scrunched the only thing in tact was the bow. the box was ripped on the outside too. :( so anyway i carried on as its only a box but i was a little like oh this isnt good enough really! :(

first item i picked up was this inika lip whip. 8ml.
it says this is full size but at £14.30 full size this is way out of my budget bracket. plus the colour seems a little dated for me, it reminds me of a colour i used to wear when at senior school. its also a little sticky for my liking. 

next was Green People SPF 15 with tan accelerator. now this i guess is a nice little sized product to have when travelling, but in all honesty i can buy nice suntan lotions at alot less. plus not really going to get much use out of it while the weather is raining day in day out. fingers crossed the sun will come out soon and i can give this a little try. 

next is Kim Kardashians fragrance to be totally honest i actually was very surprised, i genuinely didnt think id like this but i actually do, i like this little sample with a little glass roller ball tester :) great to pop in my handbag and something i really would wear so im quite happy after picking out the first two items i got this. 

next are some MORE eyelashes! lol from the vintage cosmetic company, while i do like wearing these when i go out i actually dont go out that much anymore one because hubby is away so much working and when i go out i like to go with him and two because i have two little daughters that take up all my time! so i will add these to the other 15 odd pairs i have im sure one day they will come in handy. i do like the more natural look, the are not to heavy or thick.

next i did have to giggle! i got a SOAP! yes a SOAP you heard correctly, now apart from the fact that there are 1000's of skin cleaning products out there next to soaps i do wonder who thinks, "lets send out a soap" we dont have BARS of soap in the house, they are all bottles products ie handwashes, facial cleaners, skin cleaners ect. i cant remember the last time i even looked at a bar of soap. im also not sure if this is classed as a beauty product??? the Natio lotus soap comes in a trio full size, i got the scent pink lotus and from what i can smell of it thought the wrapper it smells ok, not something i will use though im afriad.

next i got these three little samples which i love! snowberry range, i got a light day cream, smoothing eye serum and night cream. these are perfect for taking away with me, so im looking forward to trying these out. id like lots of bits and bobs like this to be honest in everybox.

so overall, this box has been a dissapointment to me, and im afraid to say it but i have now cancelled my subscription. i am going to carry on with my glossy box because i still do enjoy it and like what im recieveing for how long who knows! let me know what your views are on the beauty boxes id love to know.


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