Saturday, 12 May 2012

Bourjois 1 2 3 PERFECT foundation!

WELL........... i have got so much to say about this foundation so i apologise in advance if i ramble!

first all its a glass bottle with the normal plastic pump action top and lid.
nice simple classic design which i like, pretty much like the other bourjois foundation packaging.

this is called 123 perfect and the reason being it has 3 correcting pigments meaning 0 imperfection! (so the bottle advises). when i first tried this the consistency was alot more watery then the other bourjois foundation and i thought maybe it was because it was the start of the bottle. but i think its the actual normal consistency which is ok im not to fussed about that quality.

the 123 pigmentation steps are as follows -

1- yellow pigments for anti dark circles.
2- mauve pigments for anti dull complexion
3-green pigments for anti redness.

now i was like ummmmmm is this all a gimmick or will this actually help reduce these problems so many people suffer from???? 

i really wanted to try this and as it was on offer in boots for £6.99 (normal price £10.99) i had to grab a bottle to find out. it took me a while to actually see what shade suited me best but im glad i spent a little time testing as i ended up with shade 53 which was light beige. im so pleased with this shade as its a brilliant match for my skin tone. and i would say pretty much a perfect match. i dont find many foundation that are like this and the only other one i have which is pretty much perfect is my maxfactor perfection compact.

it says once applied it gives a flawless complexion even to perfection, well i actually have to agree with this statement. i applied this morning in great natural daylight and it was so easy to apply, i did apply with a foundation brush as i feel this gives a more even look and it went on brilliantly, as i was saying with the watery consistency this allows you to move and really work the foundation in without it drying to quick on your skin, i like this and i can buff away until i feel it looks even and then set with a powder after concealer.

im very happy with this foundation and so glad i purchased it. i also like that you can build this foundation in stages creating a more heavy look for a night out of occasion, whilst applying lightly still gives you this lovely even natural look for the daytime. one more thing i have to say about this is that i actually found that after applying i had to use LESS concealer under my eyes to cover the shadows thats i suffer from! WOW NOT MANY FOUNDATION ALLOW YOU TO DO THIS!

so overall im very pleased with this product and i give it a thumbs up, i havent had any redness or dull complexion issues with my skin recently but when i do i will update my blog about it. 
but for the yellow pigments to hide dark circles it really helped and if thats the only thing it does i would still repurchase. please let me know if any of you have used this i would love to know how you got on and if you love it as much as me.

bubbye ladies see you soon. x


  1. Sounds good may have to pick one up tho I'm rubbish at matching skin lol how is it for moisturising as my skin dries out quite quick? Xx

  2. its a satin finish hun so no matt qualities to it so wont cling to any dry skin, and when i said it was watery and easy to apply and move around it doesnt stick to any horrible bit of skin, so would be great for you. grab one while on offer great saving of £4 xxx ill go with you and help choose shade if you want me to you know im always happy to x

  3. Ok cool sounds like a plan thank u xx

  4. This foundation is on my 'May Beauty Wishlist'.I hope to pick it up next time I'm in Boots :) Glad that it's buidable because I like a good medium-full coverage and not just for nights out :)


    1. its lovely hun really pleased with it, i like that you can really work it around your face and it gives you that time to do so before totally drying, it doesnt go patchy and it just feels so soft! i too like that its build able because i like a day look and then a heavier look for certain occasions x

  5. thanks for the links hun i realy like the sound of this foundation and even better if you can get away with using less concealer haha, i think its going to be this one im gonna get, i hate choosing foundations theres so much choice i havent found my perfect foundation yet and i realy want one that i know i will always love.



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