Friday, 4 May 2012


HI LADIES......... now i know, this has nothing really to do with beauty BUT...... THEY ARE SO PRETTY I HAD TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL!!!!!

i love the cupcake bits and bobs to decorate my kitchen with, plus i do make alot of cupcakes so is pretty fitting for me. i recently bought a cup cake stand in which ive been looking for for AGES. ive seen loads but they just didnt stand out to me until i saw this one :)
so this was my first little purchase, i bought this probably over a month ago now from dun elm, its like the range but better lol. so i had my cake stand, then i thought well i dont make cakes EVERYDAY! so what do i put on it!!! my mum then told me about her husbands sister who had exactly the same but she bought cupcake candles!
i was like WHAT.... she said they were lovely and she bought them from laura Ashley so of course off i went and goggled them. well i did indeed find them but i needed 12 cupcakes to fill my stand and these cupcake candles in laura Ashley were 3 for £15! well there was no way i could afford those as i would have had to spend £60 on candles ummmmmmmm no dont think so!

well i did a little digging and came across this amazing lady on ebay. she  created handmade cupcake candles to your spec!!!!! WHAT..... I WAS SOOOOO PLEASED so i proceeded to send her an email ect and i ordered some candles, firstly i ordered some petite candles for the top plate on my cake stand they were slightly smaller than a normal cupcake. she even let me email her a picture of my stand so she could match the colours for me. now this to me was one step further than any normal person would go. we exchanged emails back and forth and she was so caring and attentive to my needs. 
her candles were so pretty and had so much detail on them i was so excited to receive them, well they came within days, she had handmade them, wrapped them and sent them and they were on my door step so quick i could believe it. 
when i opened them i couldn't believe what i was seeing, these candles no word of a lie look good enough to eat! they are so lifelike its unreal! even one of my friends said how yummy they looked i then had to explain that they were candles and she actually didnt believe me. lol
once on my cake stand they looked so amazing i needed the larger ones for the bottom plate, i received the large ones this morning and again i was so pleased Helen (the lady who make these amazing candles) is so talented and clever. i just had to show you all her little creations.

 you will not find anything like this out there in shops i promise you i have looked, and on comparison to the laura Ashley ones im sorry laura Ashley but your candles are not a spot on Helens! 

when they are sent out she takes so much care and pride in her work and it shows from the minute you open the box! wrapped individually in the most gorgeous patterned film wrap and ribbon with a small square cardboard base to keep upright. they are also surrounded in bubble wrap so they don't get damaged. you can see the love and attention that go into these. and then the smell....... you open the box and it just hits you they are amazing and the even better part is ive had my smaller ones now probably a little over 3 weeks and they still smell just as amazing as they did the day i got them.  im sure as you can all tell im like a kid at Xmas about these candles im so pleased and i felt Helen needed every little bit of praise and bigging up as she deserves it so much. i will link Helens ebay page below because if anyone has a pretty cake stand and has been stumped as to what to put on it for decoration this is they lady to visit i couldn't recommend any other product or any other person more highly.

Helens items for sale below
please contact Helen directly through ebay. you will not be dissapointed.

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