Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fate Lipsticks Surprisingly Good :)

ive been recently looking for a BRIGHT light pink lipstick ive seen some lovely colours in many different ranges but i was totally unsure whether this colour would suit me ????

i love the STAND OUT colours and im fine with deeper tones, but this barbie pink colour i love but didnt think it was for me! i didnt want to have to spend £5-£7 on a lipstick in this pink colour then get it home to see it didnt suit, so have looked around for a cheap version so i could sample.

i came accross these two FATE lipstick in the 99p shop and to my delight there was the pink colour in this pack of two lipsticks, i couldnt not grab them for 99p so i did.

the other colour is a lovely red/pink colour and i know will suit me so was happy to have this one and then i got the pink too that ive been wanting to try!

i wasnt expecting amazing things from lipstick that were 99p for two but to be honest they are really quite good, lovely to apply, very soft and mositurising but dont have a great stay power. this doesnt bother me to much as im happy to re apply.

i happy to report i can wear the barbie pink so i can now broaden my range in colours and will be looking for more in the future :)

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