Wednesday, 2 May 2012

John Freda "Go Blonder" Shampoo & Conditioner

ok so i know there has been SO many different  views on this shampoo and conditioner!
but to me....... the John Frieda Go Blonder is probably the best shampoo and conditioner out there at the moment!

i think i read probably more than 10 reviews on these products before i decided i wanted to try them for myself. at £5.99 each i still was a little unsure but luckily they do them in a travel size in superdrug. and for the pair they were £2.29. so i was happy to purchase the travel size first so i could try for myself. you get a good 3-4 applications in the travel size depending on your hair length so a good amount of use to really make your mind up about the product.

i have got to say I WILL be repurchasing this at full size as i truly believe this is an amazing product.
i have recently gone back blonde from black and am trying to achieve a natural blonde look for the summer.
while my hair is now blonde i needed a product to slowly lighten it a little and keep it looking shiny and healthy. they both have an amazing fresh scent and it stay on your hair once washed and dry which i love as it makes your hair feel cleaner for longer.

i apply the shampoo and leave for five minutes to really work, its very soft and after ive used the shampoo it feels so clean it almost feels as if you dont need to use a conditioner. i have to use a conditioner as i have curly hair so for that extra sleek feel i do apply the conditioner. but you dont have to leave it very long.
i also have noticed over the past 4 uses my hair has become slightly lighter and all round looks so much healthier plus it feel in great condition. once dry my hair is easyier to style and feels so soft, i also noticed during the day i usually have to brush my hair as it used to become knotty but after using this the knots stay away and i could get away all day without having to re brush. i want to thank John Frieda for this product and like i said i will be repurchasing in full size on payday for sure, i think ive found my new shampoo and conditioner for good! im not sure if i will find a product that beats this!.

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  1. I may have just found your blog so excuse the somwhat comment avalanche!
    I've often thought of trying the brunette version of these. My hair is somewhat darker than I wanted and been thinkig about trying the JF to add a little more tone and light to it without having to bleach it lighter and then dye lighter. had to have black stripped out of my hair last year(took three hours) and spent a month trying to make it up to my hair with many hot oil treatments and deep conditions. a friend recc'd L'oreal Smoothing Masque and my hair has never been in such good conidtion and tangle free if your suffer from knots. I wash my hair 2-3 times, then wring all the water out, slather in mix of Head and shoulders conditioner and the l'oreal masque leave for a few minutes while wash the rest of me, rinse out whilst combing the hair under the water, then wring half the water out, and then from sort of nape of neck down(hair very long)put a slick of just the masque onto it, leave for a minute as I wash my face, then rinse out, put on in a towel for 5-10 minutes, then a few spritz of l'oreal damage care leave in conditioner. my hair has nver been so tangle free, frizz free and silky. I'd definitely reccomend it.


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