Monday, 21 May 2012

S&G Hot Cloth Cleanser UPDATE

Hi ladies this is just a quick update on my soap and glory hot cloth cleanser. 
ive used this a couple of times now as i dont feel my skin needs me to use it every day as its more of a deep cleanser, i do use my peaches and cream on a daily basis. plus using this everyday could get really expensive considering this is £10 a tube and you probably get only 10-12 applications out of it.

this does really make my skin feel amazing, really soft after use, i love how it feels when on and i also love that once rinsed off with your warm cloth which is provided when you purchase its really takes all the impurity's out of your skin leaving it clean and healthy feeling.

let me know what you think ladies if you use this product id love to hear your views
see you soon x

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