Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hello Hello Hello...
well i wanted to do an empties post as ive got throught some bits over the past 4-6 weeks!
im not going to do a monthly empties as i dont always get through one product each month so i figured what i would do it use my products as usual and when ive used about 5-6 up ill post about them.

so heres are my items that ive used up......

"laugh with me lee lee" benefit perfume
(really loved this quite a strong smell but just means you only use a little bit at a time)

Savlon Healing gel you may think this isnt a beauty product but i promise you if ive got a little break out appear i take all my make up off and at night time put this on the break out area, in the morning its always so much better so i love this product.

one planet anti perspirant this is lovely and only 99p and the 99p shop so love it.
it is alcohol free and has natural extracts so nice product. i had this in tropical rain scent.

rituals foaming shower gel sensationin yogi flower, i got this in one of my glossy boxes and was so pleased i love this product.

and finally my travel sized john frieda go blonder shampoo and conditioner, these are my favorite have totally fallen in love with these and have repurchased in full size already. not sure if i will find a shampoo and conditioner to beat the effect these actually give.

i will do another empties when ive used up some more goodies which im sure wont take me too long lol.
bubbye for now ladies x 


  1. ahhh i love savalon always have a tube on me and you can get it in poundland too so bargain....just wanna say i love your blogs and have picked up some tips and hints i will deffo be using make up and beauty products can be a very scary area if like me you have no clue about it so many different products are brung out all the time and its handy having this blog to help find the best one your honesty is very helpful....looki forward to future blogs xxxxx

  2. I got the Rituals shower gel in my December Glossybox,it's brilliant isn't it? Still have loads left because I have been trying not to use it that much :)



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