Friday, 18 May 2012

Elf Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15

Evening ladies, as you will know by now ive had some elf products delivered this week.

And so far for a budget range i have to say there pretty good. The product im going to talk about now is there tinted moisturiser with spf 15.

This is a small tube and i dont think would last me 3 weeks! But having said that it would be perfect for travelling with. It does have a unusal smell which for some may totally put you off the only way i can describe it as is tangerine scent. It is quite a strong scent to. However it applys nicely and gives a nice coverage it is only a tinted moisturiser so dont expect miracles. I need to set with a powder to feel.comfortable. But it does stay nicely and feels nice on my skin. The only down side is that the product does feel dewy for quite a while after applying so you do have to wait a while before using a setting powder.

The colour is ok, blend able and seems fine for my skin tone. Not perfect but once blended and set looks nice. I think i would repurchase this for travelling but not sure i will wear it on a daily basis.

Look out for some more elf reviews ladies coming soon x

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