Thursday, 24 May 2012

May Glossy Box Edition 2012 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Well i received my May Glossy Box today and i was so pleased. first of all i would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY glossy box, and thank you for this months box i was over the moon with all the goodies.
i do usually love one or two items and end up with 3 products i mght use but probably wont, so this month im so pleased to actually say i will use all of these at some point and probably sooner than i think. i have to say the packaging this month was so pretty and girlie, with pink tissue paper cover in black print cupcakes and handbags and perfumes ect all the lovely girliy things we love :) this all came tided in a classy black ribbon which just topped it off, i love the baby pink and black pairing really nice touch glossy box.

first of all i dived for the small stumpy shaped yellow bottle as im such a bubble bath person i was hoping it would be some luxury bubble bath to soak myself in tonight. This is the NOBLE ISLE summer rising bath and shower gel. it says its an immaculate fragrance evoking the beginning of summer. this is a new British bath and body brand inspired by the natural cultural riches of the British isle. this smells AMAZING im so excited to use this and an excellent size two75ml, id say 2-3 baths this would fill nicely. the bottle is lovely and looks very high end and the scent is a blend of elder flower and goosebury. 

next i got these two perfume samples, LOLITA LEMPICKA, L'Eau en Blanc and Si Lolita.
well where do i start these are BEAUTIFUL............... im so pleased i got these two samples but so sad they are only samples, i actually want these in full size NOW!. the only problem i face is that these are £63-£65 per 100ml OUCH! thats way out of my price range maybe i could get saving and next time this year i might be able to treat myself lol. it says chic meets fantasy fairy tale to create a perfect frangrance, i love this little saying. L'Eau en Blanc is fresh and sweet but so soft lovely for a summers day. Si Lolita is a little stronger not florally but sweet again with a musty under tone, its also sooooooooo yummy! if i could afford them now they would be in mt collection for sure, maybe one day.

next is the WELEDA face and body cream, this brand only contains natural ingredients grown biodynamically to help restore health and maintain wellbeing, well i dont know about that but it smells fresh and subtle and feels lovely im also looking forward to using this, prices start from £10.95 so not totally out of reach and at a great price, im liking the looks of this so i will keep you posted.

next is the UNIQONE all in one hair treatment. this is the first leave on mask on the market that offers ten main benefits that your hair needs. the ideal partner for everyday use for the best stylists and customers. this looks really interesting to me, i love new hair products and i did see a review the other day about these products. at full size £13.99 again this is not a un reachable price so it would be something i would repurchase if it has the effects it says it does, again i will keep you posted ladies.

and lastly where these very dramatic lovely lashes, these are by "LET GO LASHES" and they have 40 styles thats pretty amazing if you ask me and i can never have enough lashes at home, i have a nice little store of them in a drawer ready for when i need them and i like to have a choice so these are great to add to my collection. these will certainly been coming out when the time is right.

so this months glossy box has been very pleasant, i will use it all this month and cannot wait. 
and as a bonus we even got sent a little glossy box compact mirror which is also amazing and so handy as i can always use a compact mirror for my handbag

so ladies what did you get in your glossy box this month please leave a comment below id love to know.
£10 a month plus p/p.

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