Saturday, 12 May 2012

MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner.

hey ladies, ok whose tried a felt liner???

because this is a first for me, ive worn liquid liner for years as its always been the most definite in colour.
until about a month ago i tried these new gel liners! i then was sold as i do love the gel liner and how it looks and feels once applied.

ive read some reviews on this felt liners and they seem to be good! so i got a MUA one for £2.50 to give it a go. i have to admit its applys lovely and you get a perfect line across the lid from the point on the felt pen applicator. 

now my few little issues i have are nothing to do with the performing badly they are just simply questions i have about these felt products.

firstly how long is it going to last, if its anything like a normal felt pen, they dont last all that long dry up and stop working, so will this happen ???

and secondly the brush is so soft when your pushing it onto your lid daily is it going to become mishaped or bent??? ummmmm i wonder i guess using daily for a week or so will only tell and i will keep you posted!

i think i will keep this product stood upside down when not in use to maybe get the best out of the liquid when using???

like i said earlier tho is does give a lovely line nice, net and tidy but as ive been applying liner for years i can get this effect from any liner i use. just silly amounts of year of practice i guess. for £2.50 i was happy to give it a go and if i do get on with it, i may buy some more to test them, i would like to do a comparison video. if you like this idea and would like a comparison video please drop me a message and let me know.

thankies ladies look forward to hearing from you x

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