Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wow Where Did That Come From ???

Have you ever actually had a look within your makeup box and just take one individual brand and realised how much of the brand you actually have!! lol, well i did today, i was just having a little sort of my make up and came across so many MUA products i didnt actually realise how much i actually had! i really do love MUA and obviously by looking at this picture you can see that lol, but my fav of the bunch are my eyeshadows and lipsticks! there are still so many more i would like to get and add to my collection. so watch this space ladies x


  1. Haha I've got lots of mua too hmmmm wonder who got me onto it??? Lol

    1. EEEEEKKKK totally me sorry lol atleast its great prices or otherwise we would both be bankrupt lol x

    2. Lol yeah good poing loving the new lip boom in "doin great" and contour liner and mosaic powder "sunkissed glow" I got today as part of the 3 for 2 in superdrug but now need more storage

  2. You have so much MUA products,even more than I do! But I agree,it is such an amazing brand :)



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