Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Make Up Storage

Evening ladies, ive seen a few you tube videos recently about make up storage and i love getting new ideas, as im always in need of extra space. a couple of month ago i had a AMAZING recommendation from Nattyboo she gave me this amazing web address to visit and also did an amazing review on the make up storage i went on to purchase. the shop i order from online is called Muju . it has all sorts of storage on there and the prices are amazing. the acrylic draws i choose come in this size and also a larger size which i am going to order in the future. they are easy to clean keep loads of bits in them and are brilliant as they can stack to how you want them. As you cans see i need plenty more lol, but ive been buying a couple a month to build my collection.i love how sturdy they are, and once stacked they are still stable and with little cushions on the bases they dont slide or move.

please let me know of any storage solutions you may use, id love to see some pictures and ideas
thanks ladies, eeeek next blog will be my 100th post very excited x


  1. I love Muji I get alot of my makeup storage there. Everything is reasonably priced so u can't really go wrong. Oh I use jars to store makeup brushes and my everyday makeup products. I may do a post soon on my blog showing them as they were only €4 which I thought was a bargain:) xx

    1. i have to agree hun, would love to see a blog on your storage would be great also where do you get your jars for brushes that sounds awesome xxx


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