Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Touch Of Silver! Does this actually work?

ok!!! SO ive been recommended this touch of silver by PRO-VOKE by a few people now as where i have recently gone back to my natural colour from black, i still have a few brassy tones in my hair from the colour stripping products. 

i have been using the superdrug owns toner for a while now which is also a deep blue/purple colour and while its keeps my blonde bit blonde it hasnt really taken the brassyness away. so i decided to use this touch of silver, its a great price i got mine from a local savers store and it was £2.99. it says use twice a week, ive used it twice this week and i know as ive only used it twice it may not have an effect but i did think i would of seen a slight change! well i took some pictures of my hair in which i did hope to put up on my blog but to be honest there is no point because they are no different. as i said ive only used this twice and maybe being a little hasty to think there would be a change. am i? does this have a quick effect or does it take time? any tips and other ladies that have used this and have seen some difference please let me know, id love to know how many times you have had to use to start actually getting an effect of less brass tones in your hair. 

please leave your comments below ladies i am going to carry on using this product as im hoping in the long run it will make a difference, thank ladies x


  1. i'm about 1/4 into my bottle and i'ts just started realy working how long are you leaving it on for try leaving it on a little bit longer xx

    1. hey hun, im only applying to me ends as there the only brassy bits left now, and im leaving it on about 5 mins, maybe i should try like 8 mins instead??? see if that works dont wanna leave on to long and it turn blue or something and knowing my luck thats what will happen ha ha ha thank you for the reply hun, needed help with this product lol x

    2. yeah it's trial and error just see what works best for you



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