Friday, 25 May 2012


 I wanted to do a little post on some of my fav PINK lip products! i have so many and to be honest i do love a bit of pink, but im also loving the corals at the moment which is for another post!

i have silly amounts of pink lip products but what i thought i would do it just pick my ten favourite other wise ill be here ALL day! lol. As summer has seemed to of made an appearance now, i like to crack out the bright and bold colours but also the pretty subtle colours for more casual use. so here are my top ten fav summer PINK lip goodies.


so here are the first three from left to right. first is the collection 2000 cream puff in shade fairy cake this is a matt lip cream and i love these, now this i do class as pink but also has a coral shade to it so its a little hard to place, maybe it will end up in both!. Next is CARGO lip gloss in shade morocco. last in the ferne cotton glossy lips lip gloss in love.

the next three are also from left to right, first is the MUA in shade 8 this is bright and has alot of pigment which i love i also love the stay power of my mua lipsticks, next is the REVLON lipbutter in lollipop im really loving this colour when the sun is out plus the moisture it offers and lastly is the LOREAL caresse in aphrodite scarlett again lovely colour little subtler but so pretty.

and here are the last of my top 10 pink lip colours, first is a ferne cotton baby pink, then the FATE in soft pink, REVLON lipbutter in peach parfait and MUA in shade 7, these are the more subtle daytime pinks which i also love. 

so there are my top ten lip colours, do you have a fav pink if you do leave me a comment and let me know please, id love to see :) 
see you soon ladies x

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