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Evening ladies, well ive got a treat for you all tonight, and i think your all going to like it.
a couple of months ago i got speaking to a lovely lady called laura, who was working along side her mum Jayne Lyons to launch a make up brand. of course i was so excited for her and also to see what her products were going to be like, and couldnt wait to get my hands on some!

Well they had the launch date not so long ago now and im happy to let you all know

is now up and running, and have got some AMAZING products on offer.
i know how hard Jayne and Laura haved worked as Jayne ( founder and creator) and Laura ( creative director) have so much passion for this industry and have proven that by now offering this amazing make up range.
im sure you can all appreciate how hard it would be to create a makeup brand but at the same time HOW AMAZING!!! Jayne having a beauty background being a make up artist herself, wanted to create a brand that was fun to use, edgy and exciting and she has definately done that! well i have received a few products and im so pleased to be able to have the chance to review them for the fab team at

lets get stuck straight in.............

first of all, i would like to talk about the packaging of the items i received,  one came in a lovely classic look black plastic surround with a acrylic clear window, with the brand name in a matt silver. they are sleek, neat and presentable. i like this as in my eyes less is more. they also came boxed with small windows, another personal touch which made the product look even more so high end. whilst i know some of you dont like the plastic look and feel, i have to say this is sturdy and tough and is great as it really protects the product inside.

so here is the agenda cheek colour in Cheeky Vimto.
i cannot tell you how pretty this colour is, a real summery pink amazing for a summers day or and evening out.

i have to say the picture does not do this colour justice. its a bright pink with real warmth.
and i just love colours like this. i am a bit of bright liking a real POP of colour person, so this suits me right down to the ground. and also this can be built. you can add a small amount for a sheer colour (and i mean small) or a little bit more for a more definite look.
the reason i say a little is becuase the pigmentation in these products are UNREAL. Now i look and look for products with alot of pigment and they are hard to find. well ladies look no further!

the casing is in three sections, with the lid and window with brand name, the cheek colour housed in a sturdy raised disc and then underneath is a concealed brush and on the reverse side is a mirror exactly the same size as the blush. this design has been thought out and executed brilliantly.
the small brush has again a sturdy plastic handle and the bristles are really soft, not what you usually see in a compact. 

now down to the colour, i first of all have to apologise as my pictures are pretty rubbish and i can promise you the colour shown in the pics do not show you half of how amazing they actually are. this swatch was one swipe of my finger and look how much colour you gain, i wore this today and i really needed only one swipe of my brush for each cheek and it was more than enough product to create a defined look on both cheeks.
this to me is exactly what i look for in a product. one because you know its going to last and two who wants to be scrubbing away at a palette to gain colour over and over again. not me and with cheeky vimto you dont need to at all.
so ladies overall i have to say this cheek colour has gone into my top favs, little work needed, amazing colours and effects gained and an amazing price, what more could you ask for.
here is the link straight to this product.....

Next i received eye colour pan in the colour Girly Guiness.
i choose this colour because ive been looking for a gun metal grey colour but in a softer shade if that makes sense, this looked perfect and again it really is. 

so here is my girl guniess eye shadow pan, this is going to go in my portable travel case that i have so im really pleased. i also wore this shadow today and is a great colour for in the outter corners of the lid and also for your crease. i also applied this to my lower eye just under the waterline as a sheer liner, it looked really pretty. the stay power is great and is still there now at 8.30pm! so what more can i say, its also really easy to apply and is extremely blend able. So again another amazing product by agenda. im sorry again the pictures are not great but you can see the shine and glisten it has without being glittery. (im not a big fan of glitter).
the above picture is also one swipe of the pan and look at the colour on offer, you really dont need alot of the products on offer to create an amazing effect. 

link for the eye colour pans.......

i think i would put these products in the mid to high end category, they have really impressed me, and as you will all see for yourselves when you visit the prices are really good for the products your receive. there are so many brands out there at the moment that put massive price tags on the items and this really does put me off, but with agenda you are purchasing a good high quality product which is going to last you a really great amount of time for an amazing price.

as you all know from my previous reviews about other items if i dont like something i will tell you, but i genuinely do not have anything negative to say about these products! the only thing i would have to say maybe in a negative view is that my makeup box isnt full of more of this lovely agenda beauty range!!!

please check out the links ladies you will love it all and let me know if you grab any products would love to hear your views on them too.

also if you love whats on offer now, keep your eyes peeled as Agenda Beauty are already working on nail ranges and brushes plus a skin care range due in 2013. The products will be made from plant extracts, minerals and vitamins, which will suit all skin types. so please ladies wish them luck (not that they need it) as from what ive read, seen and tested personally this is a brand that everyone will know in the near future. 


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  1. i love hearing about new make up brands its so exciting to have a look at the products they have to offer.

    The colour of that blush is gorgeous



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