Monday, 28 May 2012

Sleek Pout Polish

hi ladies well i got one of the sleek pout polish's today and im so please with this little item.
ive not used one before so was excited to try one. i also wanted to try one as they are a lip conditioner and my lips could use some conditoning at the moment! i usually stick to the good old vaseline for conditioning my lips but wanted something new to try and i then saw these.

the pots are lovely with the nice simple sleek logo and design, screw lid to a sturdy clear pot which houses the product. as always a "sleek" look from sleek which i love. now more about the product first of all in contains SPF15 which is always a bonus, when applied it feels soft and smooth no stickiness which is a big plus for me as this is a major hate of mine! sticky lips yuk! it feels really nice on VERY moistursing which is just what i need, all this with a hint of colour. and it does have a small amount of colour which is fine by me, i didnt buy it for a massive punch of colour i wanted a different product with moisture giving quality's and something to make my lips feel all round just better.

as you can see the colour is very faint, but like i said this is fine with me, plus it does have a little colour perfect for a sunny day :) i also love the sheen it gives, really shiny effect which again is very pretty for these hot days. so ladies if you want to give your lips some loving id def recommend the sleek pout polish. it does come in about 5 colours i believe the colour i choose was peach perfection, im unsure on how the other colours appear but i think i will be purchasing more to find out.
let me know if you have any of these id love to hear your thoughts on them.

superdrug £4.69

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