Thursday, 10 May 2012

Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals

Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals silky mineral powder with inbuilt brush.

this little powder is briliant for being on the go or just everyday easy use.
once you remove the lid there is a plastic slide down tube, this then makes the brush accessible, the powder is on the bottom part and automatically come up through the brush as you swipe over your face. 
really nice powder actually very soft and distributes enough powder to actually leave a clean effect.

these come in two shade, light to medium (which i got) and medium to dark. ( this was slightly orangy looking)

at £4.99 its not to bad on pricing the only question i keep asking myself is how long would this last, the loose powder is in small amounts so if using every day i can only seeing this last probably 1 month maybe 6 weeks at a push. i guess it depends on how much powder you use and how frequently. but i do like the idea of being able to take this out in my handbag and re applying whenever throughout the day.

the brush isnt the softest or best quality but isnt uncomfortable to use feels fine on your skin and applys just as it should.

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