Thursday, 31 May 2012

LUSH is lush!

So we took a trip into our local LUSH store today because hubby wanted his favourite bath both " The Comforter" its the big pink/purple and white swirly bar which smells like cherries! YUM! so we got him one of those as he has a bad back at the moment and is nice to have a good old soak and "comforts" him lol!. (or lets hope).

 while i was in there they have a new perfume range on offer at the moment, which comes in a bottle liquid formation and roll on stick and a balm form too, each scent comes in all three ways which is really nice, they have some lovely scents available and its really worth a look.

one of the ladies was in there promoting face masks and asked if i would like a free sample, they were really lovely and even went into what type of skin i had as in dry, combination ect and explained about what would be best for my skin type they showed you how to use it and gave you all the information on what to do before and after to achieve the best results. then gave me a lovely little sample enough for 2-3 applications. the sample i got was a BB SEAWEED mask, it smells fresh and clean like a sea breeze, it has dried seaweed in to exfoliate the face when applying. so im really excited to try this, although my husband also has his eye on it too so i will have to make sure i get there first before he does! lol.

so if you like LUSH get down there they have some fab offers on at the moment and some lovely new products to try.

see you soon ladies x

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