Friday, 18 May 2012

Elf Make Up Brushes

Morning guys, well i have recieved 2 ELf make up brushes and as i havent used Elf brushes before i was excited to see the results.

First of all i have the concealer brush, this is alot smaller than i expected it to be. Dont get me wrong its ideal for blemishes but for under eye use its to small for me, i like a little more brush to hide the eye circles and redness. Its soft and takes on the The product great but.needs to slighlty bigger for my liking.

Next i have the eyeshadow blending brush, this is lovely really soft and bulbous which is great for blending, when using it doesbt remove the shadow it really nicely blends to however subtle you wish it to look. I have noticed a few bristles have fallen out but for £1.50 i dont expect it to last me forever. I do enjoy using this brush and will re purchase in the future.

More Elf products to come soon ladies so keep watching please and ill see you soon.

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