Sunday, 13 May 2012

NYC Quad shadows in Queens Boulevard

NYC eye shadows! a first for me, not really looked at anything from the NYC range before until a while ago. They have a lovely range of shadow and lipsticks and so much more! i will be having a little look and do some more research on this brand for sure.

to start off with i bought these lovely purple tones shadows, i love the way the come with the little notes on the inside so you can use them in correct place on the lid.

there is a deep purple for the contour, 
lilac for the all over lid
bright purple for the crease and
pearl for the highlight.

it also comes with a small application brush, which is ok, but i never use these anyway, i must have a box full!

the casing is nice, simple with a little clear window on the front to allow you to see the shadows, its feel sturdy which i was impressed with, for for only £2.99 i was expecting this to feel and look cheap but it really doesnt. here are the colours shown above really pretty, not the most strongest of pigmentation but still strong enough to see and really blend nicely. 
i love these purple shades and have been looking for some for a while now but none have stood out apart from this little set. im still looking for a deeper purple so if you know of any please let me know ladies x

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