Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mascara Collection

ive been reading so many reviews on mascara's and i love seeing how many different ones there are on the market. ive never been like WOW LOOK AT THE MASCARA. always just sort of bought the ones i thought were ok and did the job!

ive recently started looking into the different types and what the actually achieve and think now there are a few i would like to try.

here are the ones i own and use daily.

first is the Volume Flash Scandaleyes By Rimmel.-
this has a MASSIVE brush and is great for a heavy look mascara. it doesnt lengthen the lashes but does enhance them with sheer bulk. nice mascara and i do use this alot.

next is my wet n wild volume, this is great for casual little make up days, i have this in brown so is neutral and applys great. the only thing i would say it is quite a dry mascara and you do need to apply a few layers to achieve a result. great for quick light application.

next is my Maybelline flared falsies, this has a nice curved brush and when you apply it really combs and separates the lashes. i love this product it also gives the illusion of long lashes where the comb evens them all out and really straightens them. this gives great volume.

next is the clinique high impact macara this is a lovely product but the only thing i think puts me off is the cost, i use mascara daily so they dont last me forever so having to spend over £15 for a mascara is a no no for me, unless it performed miracles. it is nice, it does apply amazingly and evens the lashes, plus the other great quality i find with this mascara is you only need to apply1-2 layers to achieve a thick bold looking effect. maybe this is why it cost that much more but for me the cost does put me off im afraid to say.

and lastly the one i could live without is my bottom lash mascara by isa dora high wear bottom lash.
this is great tiny little brush and perfect for precise application, really grabs those tiny lashes perfectly with ease.

so there are my mascaras not to many, but im looking to build my collection so if you know of any amazing brands please let me know and i will try them out. if anyone would like a more detailed blog on one particular mascara please let me know and ill be happy to do one for you xxxx

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  1. The maybelline Colossal volume express cat eyes is great it gives lovely volume and a lovely flare/flick in the corners giving a really pretty feline shape to my eyes I use 2 coats for going out but 1 is a nice daytime effect


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