Monday, 28 May 2012

Sleek Blush

hey ladies, well ive got another Sleek product for you and this time it is a blush. ive been really hankering after a pink shade cant remember the name but they didnt have that in stock so the other colour ive been after is a bronze more terracotta colour and i came across this one today. my blush collection seems to pink mostly pink, so im def on the hunt for peaches and warmer browner tones for the summer.

the colour i choose today was suade 921, really warm, peachy colour, im so happy with it and cant wait to wear it, as i havent worn this yet ive only swatched this but from what ive seen so far its smooth and blends nicely, its not to heavy and is build able to the shade your wanting to achieve. 
i will keep you posted on how this wears and look forward to your comments and views on this product, please let me know if you have any and how you feel they perform.

superdrug £4.99

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