Saturday, 12 May 2012

MUA Concealers my first meh! about MUA

i have SO many MUA products its ridiculous, and up until now i have been thrilled with every single one. i love the eye shadows and lipticks, i love my blushers and eye palettes and then i got one of there concealers! 

now for £1 i wasnt expecting miracles but i use my concealers for under my eyes mostly to hide the shadows or tired eyes look. 

i applied this after my foundation and an eye primer thinking it would help it along. the shade is slightly lighter than my tone of skin but that great for hiding the circles. when i applied this i was amazed and it worked really well, shadows had faded ( not gone ) but faded enough for me to feel comfortable.

i was so happy that for a product that cost me £1 it gave this effect!!! 


id finished applying all my make up was ready for my dad as usual lol and did a few light chores at home, we went out and about and when i got into the car, i looked in the mirror and im afraid to say the concealer had totally gone! i had had this on probably about 1 hour maybe 1 hour and a half!!!

i was totally gutted, even if this had lasted 4 hours i would of been happy enough for my to do some shopping and running about ect and then got home. but nope it had gone! its such a shame as i love MUA and use them daily but this is the one little product out of a massive range im just not sold on. sorry MUA but i think youve done pretty well considering out of the silly amounts i have there is one product that doesnt work for me. the colour was great but just seem to leave my skin in such a short space of time. im hoping its just my skin and its great for others as all different brands can be.

let me know if you have tried this and it works differently for you
thank ladies x

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