Thursday, 19 April 2012

Benefit Ultra Shine Gloss!


i have two of the benefit ultra shine lip glosses and they are amazing! perfect for everyday use, they are pretty sheer and so easy to apply without a mirror. packaged in the lovely tubes in black and clear plastic a classic design but fun at the same time.
the colours i have are a very neutral soft peach and its called "life on the A list", this is perfect for a light sheer look and really pretty i find its also nice if you want to add a liner to glam it up a little and wear for an occasion with a neutral face palette.
the second i have is this gorgeous violet colour with a hint of sparkle and its called "wild child". this looks quite dramatic in the tube but again once one very sheer and pretty and great for everyday use.
i love both of these colours and there are some more i would like to try.

as you can see once applied they are so subtle which i really like for everyday use. they are also very moisturising. the stay power isnt amazing but as they are so easily applied with the small brush that come with them i dont mind too much. i know glosses are so different for everyone and these may not be to everyones liking as they are quite thick, but so blend out nice and evenly and have a slight sticky side to them. i do usually prefer smooth glosses that do not have that sticky effect but i have learnt to love these and they are part of my everyday make up use. ive had these a while now and they seem to be lasting a fair while considering the usage i get out of them and im not 100% on the price so please dont quote me but i think they are around the £13.00-£14.00 mark, a little pricy but when you think about how long they are lasting they dont seem so expensive. let me know if you have any of the benefit ultra shine glosses and colours you may suggest.

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