Monday, 9 April 2012

Maybelline Eye Colour Tattoo 24Hr!

Well........ Maybelline Eye Colour Tattoo 24hr. 
These are totally NOT what i would usually buy as creme shadows to me are a big no go!
these creme shadows are AMAZING! i absolutely  love them, they come in a glass pot and they are a soft cream consistency. once applied they are smooth and soft and go on really easily and are so blend-able.
i have ot admit i was really worried these would crease throughout the day but i am happy to say they did not budge and after 8 hours of wear they still looked great, and just like they did when i applied them.
the colours i purchased top to bottom are, perm taupe (this is a matt shade), on and on bronze (a gorgeous bronzy shimmery colour) and eternal gold (amazing gold tone that stays gold).
as you can see they are amazing colours and you can build these to the desired effect you wish to achieve.
i can honestly say these are a must have to add to your make up collection and i know for sure i am going to purchase the remaining colours on offer.
the stay power is amazing and also another factor i love about these is once applied to touch they do not rub off! like a normal shadow would just come off on touch these do not they really do stay on you lid perfectly!
i would highly recommend.
at £4.99 each i think they are amazing value and even more so as in superdrug and boots at the moment they are 3 for 2. i suggest you ladies get down there before they go as they seem to be REALLY popular.
below is a pic of my eyes after 8 hours of wearing the eye tattoo colours. (ignore the bags under the eyes i had had a busy easter day chasing lilly around).
let me know what you think id be really interested to hear everyone views x

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