Thursday, 14 June 2012

Benefit Portsmouth :)

hey ladies, i wanted to do a quick post on my local Benefit counter in Debhenams in Portsmouth. Now i do use alot of Benefit products and am always on the look out for new products. i popped in today so see what new products they have an offer. i was greeted bt a lovely smiley young lady who was very helpful. i explained that i write a beauty blog and have been looking at the newbie items Benefit have on offer to review. She was very attentive to my needs and talked me through the latest products on offer which i might add im very excited to try. She swatched some items for me and also showed me how they worked ect. this is a lovely personal touch in my eyes and she also offered to try the products on me too. i felt Benefit needed and shout out for there amazing Portsmouth team as i did once have a not so happy experience there and even then they were amazing at rectifying the situation and all was cleared up within a matter of days. There are so many new and exciting products im looking forward to trying and i will for sure be reviewing them very soon. But as for this post this was a thank you to Benefit Portsmouth for making a visit to your counter personal, warm and caring, a lovely trip on a thursday afternoon!

if you live locally please take a trip down there as i can promise you these ladies will look after you at the highest level.

see you soon ladies x

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