Saturday, 9 June 2012

Make Up all the way from NYC

hey ladies well this is an exciting post for me, i love to try new things and as my hubbys best friends partner lives in new york, he brought me back some makeup, of course sasha his lovely lady did the picking, and she did some amazing picking, i was so excited to do try some new products out that you couldnt buy here. i entered into a challenge to purchase as many items as poss of make up from another country for only $15 which i think is about £11. yes a hard challenge i thought but sasha did amazingly! was soooo pleased. here is what she picked for me!

the items are all from the Wet'n'wild range first of all is the juicy lip balm with spf 15 in scent and shade cherry THIS SMELLS AMAZING!
next is the colouricon lip liner in brandy wine, then we have a mega slick lip gloss in the shade cotton candy, a blusher in heather silk and finally a colour icon bronzer with spf 15.

i will be doing a review on them all soon so please keep a look out, im just very excited to tell you all about my newbie little products from the  BIG APPLE :) X

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