Thursday, 14 June 2012

SLEEK single eye shadows

so here are two single sleek eye shadows, one is in this really pretty jade blue/green colour called Azure and has some amazing pigmentation to it. full of colour and punch. for this small little compact eyeshadow it sure as some "shout" about it. ive found that this can be worn as a dark heavier colour or if used lightly a lovely soft pastel colour, i like this combination of uses.

next if this gorgeous glamorous bronzy gold colour in the shade Golden. this is also so pretty and has a slight shimmer too it giving it that more glamorous look. i would say it is def more a bronze than a gold but either way its still so lovely with a sun kissed look.

ive not tried the sleek shadows before and while there a couple of palettes i have my eyes on at the moment im happy to try these out as a little preview shall we say. they seem to be very good at what they are supposed to do and im very happy with the results. i can now under stand what it says on the packaging MAXIMUM EFFECT they sure have this. i like the packaging its sweet and simple and eye catching. round with flip lids with a gold and taupe base, with the gold sleek logo on top. im not sure how much these retail at but i would love some more to add to my collection.

see you soon ladies x

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