Friday, 22 June 2012

17 Pressed Powder

hey ladies, well i wanted to do a blog on my pressed powder because quite frankly this has to be the best pressed powder i have come across to date! its the number 17 pressed powder from boots. and as well as being a great product its comes at an amazing price too. as you can see this is well used so i am sorry for the tatty looking compact lol but i use this alot. its soft, and sheer and easy to apply, doesnt feel tight once applied on top of your foundation and keeps your face products in place all day long. i have tried others and really keep coming back to this one as nothing has come close to the effects it achieves. the shade i have is nicely natural, i do like translucent but they dont always do what they say, i feel translucent powders do have a slight colour to them and usually its way to pale for my skin tone. now this has a slight colour and suits me perfectly. so ladies if your looking for a great value powder which does an amazing  job then this has to be the one. 

no. 17 pressed powder in nicely nautral £3.99
link below

see you soon ladies x

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