Friday, 22 June 2012

MUA Glamour Days Palette Combinations.

hey ladies, well i wanted to have a little blog about the Glamour Days MUA palette as i think its pretty special. after having this palette i am definatley going to look at the others on offer as i do love these.
one for travelling they are ideal such a range of colours and choice and two compact and easy to travel about with. there are endless combinations you can create with this palette and this is what i wanted to show you a few of my favs. now you all know i love my MUA shadows and i do use them on a regular basis so first i will show you the swatch of all the colours.

sorry about the lighting guys but you can see what types of shades this palette has on offer. now for my combinations that i wear the most.

as you can see there are many combination, now me being me i always wear 2 shades at one time, one for the lid, one for under the eyebrow and one for the crease. this is just the way i wear eyeshadow, i occasionally wear just two but never wear one shade, i just never had there isnt any special reason. i think i just like to create a more deep look and add definition when wearing shadows. 
these eye shadows are great and at £4 a palette the price is amazing. what is your favourite palette ladies id love to know. take care and see you soon. x

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