Thursday, 28 June 2012

June Glossy Box Review

Hey ladies, well im sorry this review is late but we had a little bit of a boo boo with my glossy box this month! i received my glossy box just under a couple of weeks ago and as usual was really excited to receive it. when i opened it, it was completely empty opps! you can imagine my face cant you lol. but glossy box were brilliant, i gave them a quick call spoke directly to a lovely lady at glossy box and she arranged a replacement to be sent out to me straight away 3 days later it was here, so a massive thumbs up to the glossy 
box team. so ive had time to sample my goodies and here is my review a little late but still here.

i was quite excited when i opened this box, and was VERY pleased not to see a bubble bath or mosituriser.

first of all i grabbed the big white bottle, was intrigued to see what it was, well this is a paul mitchell The Conditioner, its a leave in conditioner to add extra moisture to your hair. this says it helps balance moisture and prevents dryness and improves texture. now ive used this twice i while i thought it was going to leave my hair greasy looking from the feel of it, i was very surprised, you dont need alot and i have to admit it gives my hair some extra life and bounce and leaves it feeling very soft and floaty.this is a 100ml sample which is a really nice size and this sample is going to last a while, at full size 300ml it retails at £12.25 which i think is a reasonable price and i would highly consider repurchasing if it carries on making my hair feel this good.

the next item was a pair of HD tweezers obviously these are full size and they are quite sharp, which im guessing is why they offer high levels of precision. they are a must for every girls handbag so it says. but at £19.95 im sorry but you wouldnt catch me spending £20 on tweezers, i think my everyday ones that work just fine cost me £1 at asda lol, i think these are priced a little high but are nice to use and a lovely product to receive in this months box so well done glossy for something a little different.

the next item i got was this little bronzer by BM BEAUTY, this is the most warm pretty colour and will be lovely for a summer evening if you were going out. it has a slight shimmer and i really have enjoyed trying this, at £8 full size its a great price and well worth every penny, the only thing i would of liked to have seen is maybe the sample pot be wider and shallow, as i couldnt get a brush in and had to put some in a different lid and use that way and i think that was wasteful, im sure the full size is brush friendly though. 

i then recieved a glossy box brush i would say this was a good size blusher brush and it does feel very soft. its made from goats hair and says that this give a suspersoft make up application. it did feel soft and its comfortable to use but i did find its loosing bristles already and as they retail at £15 each i wouldnt be to happy to spend this amount of money on something thats shedding so early on in use.

now THIS i was really excited to try, ive seen this advertised along my travels somewhere and always wanted to see if it was a good as it claimed. this is the starter kit from VICHY ultra corrective foundation creams stick. obviously this is a stick form but it comes in little blister packs with different shades which is nice. this is a expert camouflage foundation to hide scars, blemishes ect that are harder to cover, and that it does. this product is amazing. i would highly recommend this. i have a scar on my cheek which i put to the test. my scar is only little but you can see it but luckily it doesnt bother me. for someone who has a scar or blemish that makes them uncomfortable this product is perfect, now at full size the foundation stick is 12g so a nice size and does retail at £19 but would last a good amount of time i think as you dont need to use to much. this is a great product and it would also be something i would use if i was going somewhere special that needed a heavier make up look.

all round this months box has been great i like the different type of products and im very happy with this months box. check out glossy box ladies if you havent already its my little monthly treat which i love to receive. with the added fun in that you dont know what samples your going to get.

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